Friday, 9 March 2012

Better weather

Rain: None!
Wind: about 15-20mph
Sun: little, but warm
Sky: blue with white, fluffy clouds

It's definitely better weather today. I can leave the heaters off because our lovely huge, South facing windows, do all the heating for us.

As the wind has quieted I decided to let the ferrets explore the area around their garage. David wasn't that fussed, he's an old man and misses Barry so he spent the time having a cuddle while I took photos of the others and tried to keep track of three furballs.

This is Rumble (darker one at the top) and Fred (plump one)

Rumble was just starting a war dance (ferret happy-come-play dance) and Fred was feeling a bit windswept.

This is Nushu

She's the queen of the group, deaf and blind in one eye. As you can see, she is a very fluffy ferret, she's only just shedding her winter coat so right now she's 50% fluff, 50% other ferret parts. Her tail is "bottle-brushed" because she was a bit spooked, not that it stopped her exploring!

Nushu and Fred found a bin lid

Pippa has been lying in the sun patches when they appear, and right now is going insane chasing her tail. In a moment she's going to stop and wheedle at me because..."Someone bit my tail!" Daft dog.

Anyway, I hope the weather is good with you all. Tomorrow I may tell you about crafts.

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