Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's live!

So, remember those fish I was knitting?

 photo FishyPile_zpse43369aa.jpg

Well, after leaving the pattern with some lovely knitters for a couple of weeks the pattern has now gone live!

I've put together customisable Fishkits in the shop and the pattern is now in the Ravelry Database.  While this isn't my first pattern it is the first that I have made entirely from scratch.  My other patterns are basically adding fair isle patterns to existing items or putting together a set of techniques in such a way as to make an easy knit.  This is different.

Not that my other patterns are poor or anything!  Dad thoroughly enjoys these:

 photo MarinersHat.jpg

 photo DadCowl2.jpg

And Joseph wears this under his cycle helmet on cold days:
 photo BackTasselUp.jpg

But now I get some me knitting time.  Winter is only a few months off and as I accidentally felted Jo's jumper so it's now a perfect fit on him but too small for me I need to knit my own.

I did start it two years ago, even got this far:
 photo MyJumper.jpg

But I wasn't enamoured of my pattern choice so I pulled it all out.  Now I'm working it again but have a different pattern choice which will probably change another few times before I get that far.

I've restarted going to tapestry group and have even said that I'll be the treasurer if needed.  Jo said I'm a glutton for punishment!  In fairness, group accounts are fairly easy to maintain I've found.

Lovefibre has made some TINY little men and a ladder for one of the houses in the tapestry:
 photo TinyTapestry_zps79cf199a.jpg

Monday had a great turnout and 10 of the 12 panels were being worked on at once.  All the designing is done, now things are being sewn down for good.

 photo TapestryGroup_zps9328e6d9.jpg

 photo HardAtWork_zps1682d99c.jpg

Well, the rain has briefly let up so I'm going to go get the bins in and check on ferrets.


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