Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wet, wet, wet.

Fortunately not nearly as wet as down South!

Yesterday was gorgeously sunny!
 photo SunnyCrossapol_zps5bf05c78.jpg

 photo SunnScarinish_zps81e7fc37.jpg

And yet, during the 2 hours of Wednesday crafters it turned to rain and fog:
 photo WhatHappened_zps20cfc26d.jpg

We did have a lovely Tuesday arvo too.  I even sat outside for a bit.

 photo Mulltops_zpsd6717a35.jpg
(view to Mull)

Peter, he who had a giant cake last year, has been busy:
 photo PetersPastels_zpsbede38ef.jpg

This man's talent is amazing.

Whereas I have been busy knitting.

 photo CantFeelLegs_zps4ecddbd2.jpg
"I can't feel my legs"

 photo EhSpeakUp_zpseb75ab63.jpg
"Eh?! Speak up!"

 photo FinishedKoala_zps3941e197.jpg

I initially was intending this for the Community Group baby kits but he's as big as a baby.  So, instead at the Easter sale he's going on a stall with "guess the koala's name" and the money will be split between the tapestry group and the community group.

I've also knit Jo another pair of socks:
 photo JoRainbowSocks_zps1c429ab6.jpg

He mentioned how I have quite a few pairs and that his shop bought ones are growing holes.  So now my sock knitting is for him.  Fortunately there's very little difference in our feet so it's not really any extra work.

What else?

I'm helping with records at An Iodhlann, finding pages that are missing and printing them off.

I've also applied to the OU to do an accounting certificate and the first module starts in April.  That is, assuming I get the fee grant from SAAS.  See, in Scotland you can apply once every academic year for financial help towards study.  The two modules will be around £1700; we don't have that spare.  So the SAAS is helping me achieve it.

Anyway, bedtime.



  1. I have to know.... WHAT'S THE KOALA'S NAME???

    Oh, I guess that would be telling.

    Did you ever find your bike part?

  2. Koala's name will be revealed after Easter :)

    Jo hunted down the part from a seller in the Netherlands. It's in Scotland now but struggling to get to the island.