Monday, 18 February 2013


I set the photo per week challenge this week; Colour.  Easy methinks.  Nope.

I started with my SWRI competition sock:

 photo SaladSocks_zps7e1cef10.jpg

Interesting, but not Colour.

Then I saw this fantastic shade of blue on the beach:
 photo 7Colour2_zpsd6e95138.jpg

Gorgeous, but still not Colour

Today  sat down to darn a black t-shirt, looked at my sewing box and inspiration struck!
 photo 7Colour_zps2c49e371.jpg

Colour.  I took 7 photos and this was the only one I liked.  Macro setting with some old bleached jean fabric in front of the flash to reduce it.

It's been a long weekend here, the kids get 6 days, Jo gets 4 days.  We gave the trike a yearly maintenance.  The back tyre and inner tube have been changed.  We've decided the tyre probably needs changing every 6 months rather than 12, the old one to the new one was like a wet towel vs wood, so floppy!  I've put it to one side in case there's another rags to riches, maybe someone could use three old bike tyres, maybe I could?

Jo worked out how to disassemble the gear cable system so we could replace that.  He managed a good 80% of the task then looked pathetically at me for the last bit.  Still, the casing and cable have been changed, cassette aligned and oh boy does it change smoothly!

All that's left is an oil bath for the gear hub and a good clean and re-lube of the chain.  That's waiting for the summer hols.  I'll also be going over the whole frame and catching rust before it eats away.  Oh, and applying some yacht varnish to the odd worn spot of wood.

Jo did an estimate of the mileage on the bike: about 2000 miles.  Yep, two thousand miles!

That's about it really, I'm knitting away and doing some research into maybe selling my knits.


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