Sunday, 7 September 2014

Four days in Oban

For various reasons I had the joy of spending Monday afternoon to Friday Silly am in Oban.

On Monday I got the bus to the pier and started my four hour journey to Oban.  It was LOTI that took me there and I have to say, I do prefer her interior.
 photo HelloLOTI_zps65dda5e3.jpg

She arrive relatively light to Tiree:
 photo NotSoHeavy_zpsf3b5b959.jpg

We've recently had the Rene Descartes visiting the island on her mission to lay the fibreoptic cable to the island.

 photo ReneDescartes_zpsdf938a7a.jpg

 photo ReneDescartes2_zps7d6b9ae0.jpg

I thought she looked smaller than LOTI, but as Donald Meek of meekwrites notes with his photo, she's a fair bit bigger:

She was still there on Friday when I got back, while diggers were (I assume) digging a trench for the cable to the main exchange.

I took the odd photo on the journey over:

 photo MullLighthouse_zps8cd74c5d.jpg

 photo IntoOban_zps04f3b032.jpg

 photo DaytimeColoseum_zps25534b71.jpg

 photo NiceHouse_zpsb0538aa3.jpg

The Flying Dutchman was docked when I arrived:
 photo FlyingDutchman_zps45a1eb3b.jpg

Not there Tuesday.

I was booked into the Lancaster hotel which has a pool, sauna and hot tub facilities too!
 photo LancasterHotel_zps4531efd7.jpg

I didn't try the above, not my kind of thing and I didn't have a cossie.  The room was a bit "retro" but perfectly serviceable:
 photo MyRoom1_zps7869f0cc.jpg
(I was airing the bed!!!!)

 photo EnSuite_zpsd70f13a0.jpg
I didn't use the shower in the end, it creaked ominously when I stood in it, so I washed at the sink.

 photo IntercomMaybe_zpsedb66b7d.jpg
Intercom?  Radio?  Whatever it is, it wasn't working.

That was Monday.

Tuesday I got up and had left the hotel by 8am.  Took the 8:57 to Glasgow and spent the day getting to an appointment and generally spending about 7 hours on trains.  Numb bumb!  I resisted the urge to take a photo of the huge chest-height NO SMOKING sign that was about 2' tall, 4' wide and was being leaned on by people smoking while the poles holding it up were full of cigarette stubs.

Wednesday was my "rest day" and I took the opportunity to do a spot of shopping and to mentally map Oban better.
 photo HolidayShopping_zps65f23956.jpg

I didn't think when it came to the shopping.  I did it in spurts over the days and so never really carried very much at one time.  Friday morning saw a very heavy wheely bag to drag to the ferry terminal!  Yes, I bought yarn.  It's the fumes!  There are two shops in Oban that sell it and well, when in Rome...

This dog was thoroughly enjoying the beach while its owner prodded his phone and looked bored:
 photo HappyDog_zpsd4c8c544.jpg

The Loch Striven was quite busy:
 photo LochStriven_zpsbce9947d.jpg

The Isle of Mull was going back and forth as ever.  At one point she even ate a fellow ferry:
 photo Incoming_zpsbb1cfbf3.jpg

 photo Nom_zpsfff356d1.jpg

 photo Burp_zps3a112c66.jpg

Just joking!  The Hebridean Isles was fine:
 photo HebIsles_zpse1e90ee0.jpg

I was daft enough to decide to eat a pizza sat by the shore...
 photo Wot_zps0277d5db.jpg

 photo ExcuseMe_zps8a73ba83.jpg

Fortunately they didn't try to nick it, they just waited for me to leave and then fought over the crumbs.

On my way into town I heard something like stones being thrown but couldn't immediately see the source.
 photo Turnstones_zps58363f4d.jpg

Turnstones!  Perfectly camouflaged  on the beach.
 photo Turnstones2_zpsa6684d36.jpg

Next to the cathedral there is a "sensory garden".  It has a bench that you can't see from the road.  The view from that bench is of lavender and happy bees:
 photo SensoryGarden_zps5ff3d77c.jpg

I thought I'd spent an hour reading and relaxing there, turned out it was two.  Very nice too!

That evening I couldn't sleep and went out with the camera.  I scared a group of possibly German girls who walked past me and then screamed when they saw the person sitting two steps off the pavement.

I took something like 30 photos that evening, only two are worth sharing.  One is of Oban, lit at night:
 photo LitOban_zpsea6b07c1.jpg

The other is of the Colosseum:
 photo HauntedColoseum_zpsa28a1862.jpg

Thursday was another appointment, this time in Oban.  There was this bemusing flower:
 photo Flower_zps7a5b8963.jpg

 photo FlowerDrops_zps4745c9c9.jpg

I got the spend that afternoon exploring a bit more.  I found the other cathedral, one where they ran out of funds before being able to complete the interior:
 photo ObanCCSJ_zps8099bcb1.jpg

 photo CCSJ2_zpsf33959d8.jpg

 photo CCSJEagle_zps0601973e.jpg

After a nice pub meal I wandered over to my favourite bench, but Thursday was muggy so I ended up sat on a pier dipping my toes and watching tiny fish:
 photo TinyFish_zps05b52dec.jpg

 photo TinyFish2_zpse858f8be.jpg

I'm not sure what these cars were doing, but there were loads going through:
 photo TouringCar_zps5338edfb.jpg

 Friday morning was Far Too Early.  Alarm went off at 4:15am, with the pub below my bedroom only having turned off the floor-shaking music at 1:15am, that was a lousy sleep.  By 4:45 I was out of the hotel and trotting to the terminal.  There was a mizzle and it was pretty dark.  For some reason the Colosseum was lit red:

 photo RedColoseum_zpscbdf869f.jpg

I am now back home, recovered and going to go back to edging a blanket.


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