Wednesday 29 October 2014

TTW8 (part II)

Sunday was a later start.  Probably a good thing as Saturday night the Cardiff crew had entertained and when folk did come in after 1pm on Sunday there were a lot of hungover expressions.

The Cobbled Cow allowed us to come in in groups for their amazing carvery.
 photo CarveryLunch_zps6876ebdc.jpg

I hadn't gone to the Cardiff evening, instead I'd come home with an idea and worked on it.  After watching the 3D scanner workshop and seeing what the machines in FabLab could do I'd come up with a plan for a turntable.  I had downloaded the 3D design software for the printers and made the turntable in there.  I knew it wouldn't really be feasible to print it as it was 20cm diameter and that's a lot of plastic.  So I took the files in to Martijn and we had a chat.

What I didn't know at the time was the particular scanner we have for the island relies on the movement it senses to work out where it is relative to the object.  So really, it would need to be on an arm and rotate around the object rather than rotating the object.  Oh well, there are a myriad of other uses for a turntable!

So we went to building.  Martijn took my design and turned it into something the laser cutter could understand.  Two cut discs with etched tracks and central holes for a spindle.  While the cutter worked on that, I worked on the spindle.  This would be a true combination of technologies; a laser cut turntable with a 3D printed spindle.

 photo TurntablePrinting_zps6133fb2f.jpg
Laser cutter etching the tracks

 photo Turntable1_zpsa4976e2e.jpg
Finished base, top and spindle

 photo Turntable2_zps9e1745cb.jpg
Base loaded with marbles

 photo Turntable3_zpsf7fe38bb.jpg
In action

I'd designed this to be as simple as possible.  No need to go out and buy nuts and bolts or ball bearings.  Just grab some marbles and get going!  It's also easily dismantled for storage/transport.  But we hit a snag.  The etched track wasn't deep enough, the marbles would randomly pop out and make bids for freedom!  Fortunately I had already predicted this and designed an insert to prevent it.  Cue Martijn and his experienced speed at the laser cutter software and 2 minutes later this is going in the cutter:
 photo Turntable4_zps2dc0483b.jpg

 photo Turntable5_zps79d48566.jpg
Slotted onto the spindle and loaded with marbles.

It works!  All I need to do is paint it and then I shall glue the insert to the base and possibly the spindle to the base and I have a fully functional turntable.  Total time spent designing, including putting design into softwares: approx 25minutes.  Total time to produce: 1hr assuming you're running the 3D printer at the same time as the cutter.

I'd also had a plan for my spinning wheel.  Ever since I bought it it had been missing a piece.  A simple piece of dowel with a hole through to enable me to tension the bobbin.  I'd been using a pencil originally but as they stick out so far I'd walked into it one time and broken it off.  I turned up to TTW8 with a pen sticking out of the hole.  It was actually Saturday when I was shown the software and between us we designed and printed something relatively simple.  A cylinder with a hole through and an extruded triangle at the end to make turning easy.  A little sanding later and it was in use!

I think I must have gotten engrossed in my spinning so much that I forgot to actually take photos of it.  Here it is in situ with my bobbin of finished fluff:
 photo SpunFluff_zpsaac260e3.jpg

Okay, this is where memory fails and I can't remember which day photos were taken.  Note to self: try doing a photo of day at the start!

So I shall just group photos by topic and explain them.  Get your cups of tea and prepare to be amazed!

Martijn doing the 3D printing workshop and answering sooooo many questions!
 photo 3DPrintingWorkshop_zpsd4c8de85.jpg

 photo 3DPrintingWorkshop2_zpseb6ad7f0.jpg

A test of material and machine.  Could this ball be completed without a support?
 photo 3DPrintTestBall_zps0c09b8c2.jpg

 photo KnotBallDone_zps23317f7f.jpg

A piece for the projector assembly:
 photo BlackPivot_zps3c415882.jpg

Busy brains
 photo BusyBrains_zpsddf65ecb.jpg

Holding the kit to the ceiling to get ideas of distance and limits
 photo CeilingWhatnow_zps2f79bae6.jpg

"Hit it again, he can feel it with the stick"
 photo LoftAccess_zps7b0a499b.jpg

Cannibalised sock and tribble
 photo CannibalisedSock_zps587a3784.jpg

Techwave made tribble next to commercially available tribble.
 photo Muffling_zpse2a3d227.jpg

Tribble skeleton and how it slots on the recorder
 photo Muffler0_zps16fa37c3.jpg

Tribble in progress
 photo Muffler4_zps62556285.jpg

Tribble skeleton next to completed tribble
 photo Mufflers_zps6f5ff7b3.jpg

Stuffed skeleton
 photo Muffler1_zps32143479.jpg

Who says men can't sew?
 photo Muffler3_zpsf57c639a.jpg

I should note: "tribble" is my word for it.  I can't remember what they're actually called.  They go over microphones to block wind noise.

Oculus headset (great for (causing!) motion sickness!)
 photo Oculus_zpsfd56820b.jpg

Spacers for the table model:
 photo ManySpacers_zps8741f055.jpg

Print of a failed scan of a Sinclair C5:
 photo SinclairC52_zps35937b12.jpg

Print of hand scanned during the scanning workshop:
 photo ScanPrintHand_zps15ea19f7.jpg

Sheep beads in progress (more on these in a future post):
 photo SheepBeads_zps9e7d714c.jpg

Scanning Alan (It is actually possible to get Alan to sit still for 3 minutes in a row...just!)
 photo ScanningAlan_zps56931d7a.jpg

Print of Alan (not General Custer, or Johnny Depp, honest!) and a larger print of the hand in the background
 photo ColAlan_zps8f06e1be.jpg

Alan and his double:
 photo ColAlan3_zps65dd887f.jpg

Printing of a hand showing the detail picked up:
 photo PrintedHandDetail_zps9fa5ed25.jpg

Leg vanishing into the ceiling:
 photo VanishingLeg_zps1e5cca16.jpg

Alan's well used hat:
 photo WellUsedHat_zps7c32a983.jpg

Painted sheep and busy minds:
 photo WaveySheep_zps891f9c60.jpg

Rugby in Tiree winds:
 photo WindyRugby_zps45353ab0.jpg

 photo RugbyAhh_zps48f0f1ad.jpg

Team leader looking utterly lost:
 photo LostSteve_zps30fe592e.jpg

Martijn and Dorinda discussing hands:
 photo HandDiscussion_zpsaa3a3068.jpg

 photo Behanding_zpsf1f6618b.jpg

The FabLab panel progression:
  photo FabLabPanelStep1_zpsa888937a.jpg

 photo FabLabPanelStage2_zpsc80c8e14.jpg

 photo FabLabPanelStage3_zps73163d23.jpg

Final panel with etched clear panel signed by everyone from Cardiff
 photo FablabPanelDone_zps28ba0cb5.jpg

On Monday the various teams/groups did presentations using the new projector set up!

Projector Proteges:
 photo ProjectorCrew_zps7e7e1de1.jpg

Table Techs:
 photo TableCrew_zps97329fa8.jpg

Kinect Krew:
 photo KinectCrew_zpsc8c28ff1.jpg

Monday afternoon was a quiet affair.  People packed up stuff and visitors went off to try windsurfing.

Quiet auction ring:
 photo AllGone_zps6e2ecf52.jpg

All quiet here:
 photo AllGone2_zpse1893cb8.jpg

Monday night was curry night at Ceabhar.
After an amazing meal (thank you Ceabhar peeps!) Alan did a bit of a speech:
 photo AlanInMotion_zps5ea0ab87.jpg

 During this Wave I had fun trying to catch photographers in action.
 photo AnTuras2_zpsf375c950.jpg

 photo Photoception3_zps2f655fbc.jpg

 photo Photoception4_zps9d796501.jpg

 photo PhotoCeption1_zps6decdb6a.jpg

 photo Photoception5_zps8b58d7f3.jpg

 photo PhotoInAction_zps6bd14467.jpg

Too slow!
 photo Photographer_zpsfda95ff8.jpg

Oops, spotted!
 photo Watched_zps2808903d.jpg

Alas, Tuesday morning came and we all went to the ferry pier to say "until next time"  At least the sun came out and the wind died down so they'd have a nice sail.

I *finally* found this modern architectural piece that I'd been told was here: photo AnTuras_zps57d9e99a.jpg
(These walls are BEGGING for moss grafitti! - completely removable with water)

It's called "An Turas".  Thing is, from the pier end it just looks like part of the livestock area and so I didn't pay it much attention.

Not sure if the designers intended this, but a pool of water was on the roof and playing with the light:
 photo AnTurasRoof_zps8a8bd0f9.jpg

Slate floor:
 photo AnTuras3_zps82d35bf9.jpg

Group photos!
 photo Flying_zps5b328b46.jpg

 photo Flying2_zps1136fbcd.jpg

 photo LookOutThere_zps1163b342.jpg

 Bye guys!
 photo RustyClansman_zpsededefe2.jpg

So that was Tiree Tech Wave 8.  I've missed bits and skimmed others, but these are my "highlights" if you will.


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