Sunday, 12 October 2014

Photo spam

Know what happens when you go everywhere with your camera?  Sometimes you forget to take the photos off for a few weeks.

So what have I been up to?

Well, one morning I got the school bus to the pier for some (very) early morning fishing.  It took me to the end of pier road so I happily trotted down there and paid a visit to the war memorial.

 photo Monument3_zps9327016a.jpg

It really was a fantastic morning:
 photo GreatMorning_zps56cd19e2.jpg

Look at this water!
 photo ClearBlue_zpsa3b60c65.jpg

LOTI came in later that morning:
 photo ElloLoti_zpsf987c30d.jpg

Kite surfers were enjoying the breeze:
 photo KiteSurfers_zpsaec366d6.jpg

I didn't catch a thing, but I did enjoy the views and had a nice chat with a seal.  When I got home I rinsed all my rods and tackle and put them out to dry.  This led to a strange little scene:
 photo DryingRods_zps7da710b4.jpg

A little crop of spinners:
 photo DryingSpinners2_zps1f51d282.jpg

I didn't use all of these, but they'd all gotten a bit wet and best to wash off the saltwater to avoid rust.

Pippa was passed out on her bed when I got back
 photo ZonkedDog_zpsb6a089fc.jpg

I tapped on the window a few times...
 photo Whazzat_zpsbf438bb8.jpg

 photo Wha_zpsf292be0c.jpg

Daft dog!  She could NOT work out what was going on for a good couple of minutes.

That afternoon I stripped, sanded and painted the study window.  Here it is stripped and sanded, note that the wood has silvered due to being exposed for years.
 photo WindowPrePaint_zps674e5801.jpg

Post paint:
 photo WindowPostPaint_zps94f82d1f.jpg

That's both front windows done now and we've had some weather to test them too!  We had 77mph gusts last weekend and both windows kept the water out.

Last Saturday was the school gala day.  The sun was out and so were a fair chunk of Tiree's population.
 photo GoodTurnout_zps6e92667b.jpg

Jo and I sold his homemade ice cream and sold over 65 cones worth!  There were only a few dropped scoops which Jo was happy to replace and we were both amused by children and adults wondering around licking their ice creams.

I've done a spot of spinning for a future museum display:

 photo Rolag_zpsf3d41cdf.jpg

 photo Single_zpsf0448905.jpg

I'll document that better once I've taken some more snaps and done the final step (using the home-brewed lichen dyes!)

Tuesday I went fishing with our Minister and while we didn't catch anything we did have a great chat with each other and some folk waiting for the ferry.  The sunset that evening was amazing.
 photo SunsetClansman_zpsf8117e1e.jpg

The tide was pretty high that evening and the Clansman is a bit taller than LOTI, this led to the long footramp looking rather steep:
 photo LongWayUp_zps841bf3f4.jpg
Looked more like an escalator!

The sunset truly was stunning.
 photo Sunset_zps04e47d8e.jpg

 photo Sunset2_zps41c9c281.jpg

Amazing skies!
 photo AmazingSky_zpsde8ab5fa.jpg

Yesterday evening I was out fishing again, what can I say, I love the calm and the cast.  Saw a flock (want to say shoal!) of eider ducks:
 photo Eiders_zps4d7edef3.jpg

 photo Eiders2_zps068fe40f.jpg

The darker ones are the females:
 photo EiderPoss_zps1474bf27.jpg

After three weeks of not catching a fish I caught easily twenty tiddlers!  Little pollack, little cod, little sea bass, possibly pilchard and something with a very dark green back.  I think the heaviest was maybe 6oz.  All survived and were thrown back.  There was a seal out herding them around the pier and I fully admit to throwing one catch straight to it.  It sounded a bit out of puff a few times!

In the knitting world I am working on a jumper for my Mum after a bit of a saga with getting the dye and a mystery Kaffe Fasset afghan that's proving...colourful.  I'm to knit 7 squares of each colour combination and the mystery will be how they go together.  This is clue 2:
 photo Clue2Kaffe_zpsa238f721.jpg

VERY colouful.  Fortunately my recipient (who doesn't know they're getting it) is fond of colour so should like it :)

Next year I plan to knit every day's highest and lowest temperature into a blanket.  The original plan is two rows per day; one of the high and one of the low but I'm wondering about that and it may yet change.  The first pair of rows won't be until the 2nd January 2015 anyway.  It's an idea that's been around a while, mostly resulting in scarves.  I'm not a scarf wearer but I do enjoy a blanket to snuggle under.

My parents have bought me the wool to start it as a Christmas present.  In order to make sure I had it in plenty of time they sent me the money early.  Yesterday saw this huge packet arrive:
 photo SackOfYarn_zpsc47aab8b.jpg

So many pretty colours:
 photo ColourWheel_zpsbf57f272.jpg

After having a good squish and checking I like the colour range I have packed those up and put them aside ready for next year.  That's only the beginning!  While there is a very reasonable amount of wool there it won't last the year, but as I cannot predict next year's weather or temperatures I shall just be ordering more balls as an when needed.

Think that's it.


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