Saturday, 7 February 2015

Three years already?

That's right, Jo and I have been here for three years now.  No plans to leave, we're even looking into buying a house!

I've not been up to much recently.  Had an operation at the end of January and am still getting back to normal.  But I have been playing with cameras.  The thing about having two cameras is you sometimes end up forgetting that you took photos with either of them and then have 300 or so to sort through.  Oops.  So this will be a photographic post.

I got to see some snowy views on my way to Glasgow:
 photo SnowyLogging_zpsc3fb72b9.jpg

 photo SnowyMull_zpsee5632e1.jpg

The day I flew over was so still and sunny the flight was wonderful.  No bumpiness at all.  Think the flight back was pretty good too, seeing as I fell asleep!

Random outcrop on the way to Mull:
 photo RandomIsland_zps13dbc2ef.jpg

We even had snow here!  Admittedly it didn't lay, but it was quite surprising to see:
 photo SnowOnTiree_zps55cbf73d.jpg

After all the rough weather we've had over the past few weeks it's nice that calm is returned, the sea has gone from huge waves to smooth:
 photo CalmReturns_zps3897bdbd.jpg

Makes nighttime photography easier too, you don't have to worry about the wind wobbling things.

I've been on a huge learning curve about astrophotography.  I now know I need a small mm and a small f value but those lenses are currently prohibitively priced so I am experimenting with what I have.  The Canon came with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens that is a great starter and has done the star photos you've seen so far.  Tonight it was clear-ish and I managed to get The Shot of Orion:

 photo HelloOrion_zps107a0b42.jpg

This is using a borrowed 50mm f/1.8 lens.  The problem with this lens is that for working out exposure before star trails will form you divide 600 by the lens mm, but even at 7s I get trails:

 photo OrionStriping_zps7e64b800.jpg

So the smaller mm means longer exposure and more light captured.  The f value is how "fast" the lens is apparently and 1.8 is Good.

I couldn't get more earlier on in the evening because the airport was lit up and it produces quite a bit of light for such a small (relatively) set up:

 photo AirportNigtExpecting_zpse9a625b4.jpg

The thing about staying up for the stars is that you then have a habit of staying up longer to see if the cloud clears.  I've gone nocturnal.  It did mean I got to play with both cameras on Friday morning during a gorgeous sunrise.

I started out using the Canon and playing with settings and manual focus.  I'm starting to get the hang of actually focusing.  It's harder than the camera makes it seem, just a tiny twist either way will unfocus.

 photo CanonMorning_zpsa0ce4da7.jpg

 photo canonMorning2_zps50b322e5.jpg

 photo CanonMorningMull_zpsc97b0185.jpg

But the battery pack died and while I do have three, only one seems to keep its charge, so I switched cameras and let the Nikon do its automatic thing:

 photo FebSunrise_zps72ccdde3.jpg

 photo CloudEdging_zps063c9b55.jpg

 photo RuinSunrise_zpsa14592ba.jpg

 photo MullSunrise_zpsa1bfc540.jpg

Good morning Mull.
 photo MorningMull_zps34aad411.jpg

 photo CloudyMull_zpsf2e1cbb4.jpg

 photo SunriseFeb_zps0072c9e1.jpg

A little play with the dewdrops:
 photo SunnyDew_zps92bd0a61.jpg

Teeny tiny bug:
 photo MorningBug_zps90372466.jpg

Finally, "our" Robin:
 photo Robin_zpsbd14dce4.jpg

I've been trying to photo this chap for ages, but he's very very easily spooked.

As a little three year celebration to myself I contracted Celestine and the Hare again.

Today an envelope arrived.  I had to cut the tissue paper back on this one, my new arrival was too scared to peek. I also found the wrong end first!
 photo WrongEnd_zpsf55b5ef5.jpg


Once I carefully cut off the other end my little weesus tried talking our new resident out of their hidey-hole:
 photo Hello_zps89253d68.jpg

 photo Heloooo_zps876e0dc4.jpg

I had been previously informed that "smalls" like biccits and speak their own language while also being able to communicate with others.  Alas, I didn't have a small to tempt out this one so I used food to tempt out the hungry traveler:

 photo Tempting_zpse1d4f522.jpg

Thursday I had baked shortbread and one batch had been coated with dark choc.  But even this took longer than tempting out a weesus.  Still, lots of rustling later...
 photo Almost_zps30c5a6d5.jpg

Finally Medium (he's quite a large small) made an appearance (not before weesus ate her piece of choccy!)

 photo WeesusandMedium_zps84f25fb2.jpg

So now I have a weesus and a medium :)

Speaking of, weesus might have been eyeing up my cakey stuff while I was recuperating last month:
 photo NortyWeesus_zps6cdb8eeb.jpg

That's it really.  I'm thinking I will be back to the museum next week and get to start on births soon.  The next post will either be on stars again or possibly my musings on deaths on Tiree from 1855 to 1920.


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