Saturday, 18 April 2015

Funny and Crafty

I love making little stories for my felt creatures, there's something about it that makes me smile.  This one is no exception.

Errr, guys... all the teacakes are gone.
 photo ErmGuys_zpszy0i3ca4.jpg

Bagsie a shirt!  I want a hat!
 photo FullOutfit_zpsbiocp1y3.jpg

Think we can fool her if we all sit in the box?
 photo NoTeacakesHere_zpsnymbjjfu.jpg

Quick, grab those sheep, the might look like an uneaten teacake!
 photo GrabThoseSheep_zpsj8kl9swf.jpg


No teacakes here, just us in our cool outfits!
 photo BoxOfNorty_zpsn2ofxwgv.jpg

(Unfortunately for them, I was not fooled)

I've been crafty too.  Been wanting to make a rice bag type thing for needle felting as a lot of folks find it better than foam and my piece of foam is getting a bit used in places.  But with mice randomly checking for tidbits and a dog who can find food easier than she can find the living room, using rice was not going to work.  I asked on Ravelry and someone mentioned the plastic stuff that's used to weight down dolls and stuffed toys.  Little EBay hunt later and I had some recycled plastic pellets on the way.

Last night I got out the hessian I'd bought yonks ago and made a not-rice bag!
 photo TunnocksRiceBag_zpsx2udxq9y.jpg

Yes, it fits in a Tunnocks teacake box.  I've also ordered myself a nice wooden box for my needle felting stuff, the cardboard box I have is getting more and more bashed and isn't really deep enough for a work in progress.  Plus, the box is unfinished so I can decorate it!

Remember the blanket I started in October last year?  The one with the diagonally striped squares?  Finally finished it last week.  Yesterday I washed it and it was hung out to be breezed and dried the Tiree way.

 photo ElspethBlankieDrying_zpsuuehqirh.jpg

I admit to thinking I am NEVER knitting that pattern again, but I did LOVE the recipient's reaction.  It may have been late, but the timing was perfect.  It's now with its new owner who is very happy indeed.
 photo BlanketDoneAndSunny_zpsnpesiufp.jpg

I shall leave you with this photo of a bovine who should not be where she is.
 photo ElloCow_zpscm0xritt.jpg


P.S. Yes, we BBQ'd!  Three days in a row of sunshine has been WONDERFUL!

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