Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tea Cakes

Oooh!  OooooOOOOooh!  She found teacakes!  Weesus and Small favourites!

 photo Teacake_zpstdwrbuxr.jpg

Maybe we can sneak a bit without her noticing?  just a little nibble?

 photo OmNomNom_zpsfyruluex.jpg


 photo OmNomOops_zps6ptftkyh.jpg

Maybe if we reshape the foil she won't notice and think the wrapper was empty all along?

 photo MaybeIf_zpskbvusgjn.jpg

Nope, that's not going to work. Maybe if I make a skirt from it she'll think she never got one out?
 photo WeesusSkirt_zpsmtixykjd.jpg

Hi!  Do you like my skirt?  Does it say Teacake?  You had one out ready to eat?  Really?  Maybe the dog ate it and the foil?

 photo WeesusSkirt2_zpsvvkmttf4.jpg

(Weesus, Mike and Otter are lacking King Norty's skills)

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