Sunday, 2 August 2015

Very busy July!

I can't believe it's August already.  I swear it was only last week I turned 32.

So why have I declared July busy when the weather report says it was damp and cool?

Because I've reopened The Woolly Ferret

I've expanded the kinds of things I sell and removed things that didn't.  This meant an evening of dyeing:

 photo DyeNight_zpss6aoailz.jpg

And many hours spread over weeks spent sticking tiny, barbed, needles into wool to create little creatures that sell quicker than I can make them:

 photo Trike2_zpstxf97w8y.jpg

 photo Spheriele_zpshmf0gjjm.jpg

 photo BunnySide_zpsifnnvt3d.jpg

 photo LostPanda_zpswdtcoria.jpg

The round ones are called Spheribeasts(C) and are my latest creation.  I've got about 35 designs sketched out to try too.

Nearly three weeks ago I caught my first Wild Tiree Haggis!

 photo HaggisFront_zps10gfwbkg.jpg

They have two legs shorter than the others so they can run around hills easier.  They also hunt tumshies.  If you want the full details you'll have to buy one from my shop; it comes with a little card explaining their habits and habitats.

During July a group of us who do crafts but have no shop have been running the "mini handmade market" at the Rural Centre, every thursday from 11am to 5pm.  Originally it was 11-3 but we added the two hours to catch the tour bus crowd.

I also had a stall at the agricultural show this year:

 photo ReadyToSell_zpsdxxloqso.jpg

I had a few guests. 

One was this little spider that was *determined* to build a web between my felting needle and a roll of yarn:
 photo TinySpidder_zpsbmamzslo.jpg

The other is a gift for an artist who's work I love called Amy Vale

 photo HoraceandHaggis_zpsca0slvec.jpg

He's called Horace and I made the felt version based on a badge of him I bought before Amy went on hols to Sweden.  As I don't want him getting lost in the post, he's having the odd adventure here until she gets back and then he will fly off the island to a new home.

The show had a good day weather-wise and was pretty darn busy!  So busy that I didn't really get to go explore this time.  What I did manage was to get photos from the first session done by the The Clan Stunt Team.

They warmed up with a jumping challenge.  One rider (Ross?) did sideways "bunny hops":
 photo BunnyBike1_zpsgb9fd6gi.jpg

 photo BunnyBike2_zpssehcqswr.jpg

 photo BunnyBike3_zpsbjektacb.jpg

While the other rider, (Dan?) did a run-up-and-forward-fling:

 photo LiftOff_zpswiaztbom.jpg

 photo ForwardFling_zpsjbeoo4cx.jpg

Ross managed to give himself a huge bruise during the second session so Dan showed off by doing a bunny hop higher than Ross had managed the first session:
 photo GiantHop_zpsvdeqkytv.jpg

I think it was 1.25m or some insane height!

They were both hopping about like springs, including on this scaffold with it's "ladder":
 photo Ladder1_zpseplaikve.jpg

 photo Ladder2_zpsymrgxfrv.jpg

Clearing an 8ft gap:
 photo 8ftLeap_zps4j1034i5.jpg

And here we have Dan about to mercilessly murder a can of Pepsi:
 photo Launchpad_zps3n7ueela.jpg

 photo PreCrush_zpsizkezqyd.jpg

If I recall correctly, this was an 8ft or so drop, aiming for something that's maybe 3" across?!

 photo Splash_zps4hcdmyem.jpg

Poor can!

 So, yes, between the making, the ordering, the planning; the markets; doing half a day at the museum on Fridays; and resting an injured hand, I have been B.U.S.Y!

Combine the above with the weather not really being going-out weather and I'm a bit short on photos, sorry.

Anyway, I have typed enough.

TTFN and do come visit the mini markets if you're passing Tiree on a Thursday, we're doing them all August.

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