Sunday, 13 September 2015

Odds and Ends

I've been busy with getting The Woolly Ferret going on facebook and Etsy, and getting more stock ready for the school gala day and going to meetings and doing the two treasurer jobs I volunteer at.  So much work for no pay!  I may not have a full time job, but I put in the hours.

So, here's a load of photos that have backed up in my album and the odd explanation.

 photo DangleBee_zpsmcvaafo4.jpg
"bee-ring"  I'm experimenting with doing Tiree bee colourings.

 photo FeedingDinos_zpshz0nm1zp.jpg

 photo FeedingDinos3_zpsct87qgte.jpg
Dinosaur spheribeasts snacking on my basil.

 photo SoManyBeasties_zpstxnutfpb.jpg
The various types of beasty I now make

 photo Tyrvist1_zpsgt7d91qz.jpg
I finished the Týrvist shawl!  Need to neaten the pattern, get a nice day for a photo and I can start selling the pattern.

 photo RogueTent_zpsdzi6qr0z.jpg
Stray tent, full of holes and most likely still flying about after TMF

 photo SpotTheBeasts_zps8lymnxxf.jpg
Jo was doing trike maintenance and wanted me in ear shot, so I took my critters out into the grass.

 photo FatFrog3_zpsst1fcvtc.jpg
Nearly knelt on this frog!

 photo UnknownPredator2_zpsfgnji2js.jpg
This huge bird pops by our back garden sometimes, handy fence.  Turns out it's a female hen harrier.

Oooh, yes, it was the Tiree Ultra Marathon last Sunday.  I volunteered to do finish times and had a *really* good day!  It was great cheering people and watching them perk up knowing the finish was finally there after just shy of 35 miles.

Last year there were about 50 runners, think it was less.  This year over 200!  Some were in teams, most were doing the whole stint.  Will, of Tiree Fitness, organised the whole thing and can be seen here on the phone finding out who was pulling out, times, how it was going, etc.
 photo WillInAction_zpsojhg4qzs.jpg

His lovely wife, Becky of Chocolates and Charms, ran the cafe, and oh, what a cafe!
 photo Caaaake_zpsfv5szswg.jpg

Sitting at the finish line you were repeatedly wafted the smell of amazingly delicious lasagne.  Wonderful!

I think I shall forever remember the gent who finished and said, very honestly, "I never want to see another beach again in my life."

The winner won it for the 2nd time in a row, they went the other way round this time which added 15min to his previous time but he still finished around the 4hr mark.  Scary!
 photo 1stToFinish_zpswwxsfvoa.jpg

There was a big group called "Cani sports" I think, who usually run with their dogs, but this time the dogs got the day off, except this one:
 photo 1stDog_zpspb9in302.jpg
"You've rolled up your paws!"

His little dog was VERY happy to see him complete.
 photo DoggyLove_zps27bbehlk.jpg

Know how a lot of these people were running nearly 35 miles?
 photo Bikes3_zpsbadd93e5.jpg

They were also cycling to and from their accommodation AND danced that evening!

With that, I am going to go snap the amazing sunrise. 


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