Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Hello 2016!

Yes, I know it's the twelfth already but well, we've been busy!

October saw the Tech Wave but I was a tad "off sorts" so this is the only photo that's worth sharing:

 photo MakerbotFamily_zpsypffgagh.jpg

Family of makerbots!

In November Jo baked a HUGE parkin, weighing the ingredients proved...inventive.

 photo XmasBaking_zpsx0acnrjj.jpg

But those aren't the reasons I've been absent.  At the start of October I went to the nurse with some odd feelings and we did a little test.  One that comes back with either one line or two.

Two came back!

A few weeks later we had a bit of a scare, so Jo and I went to the early pregnancy unit at Glasgow.  After some anxious waiting and a lot of scanning...

 photo BabbyBennett_zpstf674krq.jpg

That is an eight week old fetus!  It's little heart was going crazy and it already had the wriggles.  We are very much overjoyed.

Then in December it was time for the 13week scan.  Unfortunately, due to the rains and havoc that went on around Cumbria my Mum couldn't make it up and Jo wasn't going to try and get a work day off, so I went alone.

 photo 13wkscan3_zpsjtiiixge.jpg

Talk about wriggly!

 photo 13wkscan2_zps6cq0svb3.jpg

The little dear was doing kangaroo impressions and refusing to pose for the midwife scanning it.  But she was very happy with how it looked and I went home with more photos.

Today the pram arrived, Pippa is NOT impressed that she won't be the baby all year.

 photo NotImpressed_zps6rimqu2m.jpg

I must say though, even as an engineer, I canNOT fathom the waterproof cover!  I shall be Googling that one.

So, yeah, updates are going to be a bit sporadic this year.  Baby is due in June and we are attempting to pack things we don't really need because we dearly hope to have our own Tiree house this year.

It's all go!


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