Monday, 28 September 2015

Big skies

One advantage of living on such a (relatively) flat island is the huge skies you get.  This evening saw a gorgeous sunset over Beinn Hough and me stood on the verge across the road snapping shots.

I did try to turn these into a gif but the quality was terrible, so you'll just have to scroll down to see the clouds shift across the sky and the colour drain towards the horizon.

 photo BigSkies1_zpsqcrmey43.jpg

 photo BigSkies2_zpsl6xzdkur.jpg

 photo BigSkies3_zpsdiw453qn.jpg

 photo BigSkies4_zpsdrtcuntz.jpg

 photo BigSkies5_zpsdc6nacef.jpg

 photo BigSkies6_zpsym331pbu.jpg

 photo BigSkies7_zpsg0pjrmuw.jpg

 photo BigSkies8_zpsx8y6b5u4.jpg

 photo BigSkies9_zpsp3acunub.jpg

 photo BigSkies10_zpswduyykpt.jpg

 photo BigSkies11_zpsdfeittuc.jpg

 photo BigSkies12_zpsiefj4eok.jpg

Just so you can see the difference, here's the first and last of the series:

 photo BigSkies1_zpsqcrmey43.jpg

 photo BigSkies12_zpsiefj4eok.jpg

There was a blood moon last night; amazing to watch the moon slowly get eclipsed and then go red.  Alas, I didn't have my camera in focus so I got blurry blobs.

It was weird to see a moon that wasn't white!
 photo Blood1_zpss43ol4lh.jpg

 photo Blood2_zpstumfd97w.jpg

That's it for now, we've had the school gala day but I failed to take photos due to having my own stall to man and managing the money from Jo's ice cream stall.  Talk about busy!  The school did well though, they made roughly £2k.  Not bad for an island with 650 population and 330 of voting age.


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