Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Last week I was due to fly to Glasgow.  Nothing new there.  What WAS new was the weather I woke up to!

 photo SnowyMorning_zpsep9lj4sj.jpg

Erm...  April...snow?  Funnily enough, the morning plane was cancelled (no visible airstrip), but the evening plane was delayed enough that I got to fly.  But not before I got these photos:

 photo SnowyAirport_zpsw0hvcypl.jpg

 photo BrrAirport_zpsihf9hi6p.jpg

The airport staff had somehow managed to clear the runways.  After living here for over four years, you forget about things like snow ploughs, we just don't need them.  But apparently they keep something that can do the job, just in case.

And just to really confuse, I took this photo of Mummy song thrush and her babies the day before:
 photo FledglingSongthrush_zps8p6xbtbf.jpg

Today is bright, but windy.  Perfect laundry weather!


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