Monday, 13 June 2016

She's here!

Over the last six weeks life has been just a tad hectic.

I got to 35weeks pregnant and then things started going a little weird.  Baby and I had an episode of tachycardia (elevated heart rate), a week later baby hadn't moved for hours and my blood pressure was up, we got emergency plane'd to Glasgow.  A week after that I had had chest pain and was emergency helicopter'd to Glasgow in case I had a clot.  The week after that my blood pressure was up again, but I was due to go off island to the flat we'd booked anyway.

Monday the 23rd May was gorgeous!  Sunshine, light breeze, smooth seas.  My parents had rented an estate car and we packed it full.  Baby things, my things, big bags, the works.  I was expecting to stay anything from two to four weeks, so I had packed clothes and entertainment and all sorts really.

We had a lovely sail across to Oban on the Clansman, I was feeling pretty big and had swollen feet, so I spent most of the journey trying to unswell and having a rest.  Then we drove from Oban to Glasgow.  Gorgeous views, gorgeous weather, lovely!  We arrived in Glasgow and met the landlady and settled into the flat.  The bed was a bit low, but the frame was solid enough I could sit on it to get out.

The next day I was booked into the day unit for 2pm to do a check on me and baby.  Two hours later, the tests were back and it was decided that my body had had enough and time to induce baby.  I spent the night in the hospital and then the fun began!  Wednesday afternoon was a little tablet to "get things started", by Thursday morning I was definitely ready.  Five and a half hours of pains, then 15 minutes of pushing, and we had our baby!

She spent about an hour or so on my chest and then was transferred to a cot so I could change beds and be moved to the maternity unit...
 photo 0th birthday_zpskse2twoa.jpg

Once at the unit, Daddy got a cuddle:
 photo with daddy_zpsszjtho91.jpg

The first few days didn't go so wonderfully.  I was on a blood pressure medication that messed with her blood sugars and my milk was taking the usual time, so we had to supplement with formula.  But we were finally released on the Monday.   Jo had a meeting the following Friday and as we had the flat prebooked, we spent the rest of the week there.  It gave the grandparents time to visit, the grandmas were very happy to meet Rosemary and have a good natter.

Thursday evening, Grandma Bennett helped us do Rosemary's second ever bath:
 photo DSC_0331_zpsltkn8itg.jpg

She didn't scream or grizzle, we were petrified!  But all went well, and she was clean and happy.

Saturday the 4th June, we headed home.  The trip through the airport was snoozed through:
 photo atairport_zpswrmi8kvd.jpg

She woke up towards the end of the flight, demanding food, but completely unphased by the loud plane or the changing pressures.  The pilot and co-pilot were great, they did a slow ascent and descent that allowed Rosemary to adjust her ears.  I also got the baby liferaft and instructions, bit unnerving when your baby is nine days old.

Not the best view, but we came home to gorgeous weather!
 photo SunnyReturn_zpsmrzu8jwt.jpg

She then proceeded to scream down the Tiree airport and all the way home, until she got fed.

That afternoon, she claimed the bed!
 photo BedHog_zpsfwe6fn3s.jpg

Yep, we have a crib, but she spends the bulk of the night cuddled up to Mum.  It wasn't worth the screaming hissies and sleep deprivation.  Plus, the angle of the bed helps avoid huge spit-ups.  We still get spit-up, just not huge ones.

It's rather interesting trying to use your laptop when a baby is sleeping on your chest/stomach; you can end up with unexpected limbs "assisting":
 photo FootyHelp_zpsdij0pass.jpg

We've been to register her birth at the council office.  I wore her in my wrap and as we don't have a summer hat for her yet, we did the knotted hanky trick:
 photo KnottedHanky_zpsmwsmzar8.jpg

Rosemary has a thing about hats, she refuses to keep them on!
 photo KnottedPfft_zpsardwbat0.jpg

We also learned that you MUST pack a change of outfit as well as nappy changing kit, when going out.  Fortunately it was a hot day, so I put her nappy-only in my wrap after nipping into the public loo and using the changing table.

I'm still trying to reconcile that this is 50% my DNA and 50% Jo's.  That we are responsible for this tiny, helpless, human.  But, oh boy is she cute!  I'll leave you with this photo of her stunned face:

 photo wide-eyed_zpszmyp33vh.jpg


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