Monday, 11 July 2016

Bit of dyeing fun

When we found out I was pregnant we bought a load of white sleepsuits.  Partly because they were a load cheaper than patterned ones and partly because I planned to dye them.  Then Rosemary turned up early.

Now I get some time between feeds I have started to dye them.

Plain suit for reference:
 photo PlainSuit_zpsdgjyeb0z.jpg

Attempted "bullseye" style (needs to be a bigger item)

 photo BullseyeSuit_zpsxtgenz6j.jpg

Scrunched up, randomly banded, and soaked in dye:

 photo YellowSuit_zpssiwvjgya.jpg

Rolled top to bottom then dyed magenta with blue and blue with magenta:
 photo Purply_zps0o4kabdi.jpg

 photo RainbowSuit_zpsqk3fl4lu.jpg

I didn't quite make the dyes strong enough so this batch came out a little pastel.  The second batch on the line is most definitely stronger.


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