Friday, 6 July 2012

Busy busy busy

Very busy, in a Tiree world...

Okay, I won't give up the day job.

Bah, this was going to be a photo-filled post, but instead I'll bore you all with words.

This week Jo treated himself to a new PC and both of us to new, 2 terra-byte hard drives, *sigh* I remember when magebytes were huge.  Anyhoo, due to this I had to reinstall windows (we're taking our old, smaller HD's out to make a media PC to watch downloaded stuff and Netflix on the telly).  Due to said reinstall my PC has decided not to talk to the card reader, I'll have to faff and then I will spam you with photos!

I can tell you something that happened today for which I have no photos:  We discovered what lies behind the board in the living room.  Alas, no fireplace, the bricks have been smashed back and the chimney has a strip of roof insulation hanging down inside, but, there is still the concrete slab infront, so if we do buy the place maybe we can get a little log burning stove fitted or something.

How did we discover this?  Because a starling got down the chimney.  I couldn't take sitting here waiting for the poor thing to starve to death, so I rang the landlady person and got permission to take the panel off to let birdy out.  As soon as the gap was big enough birdy flew up, over and straight out the window!  Doglet was most unimpressed at not being allowed to sniff it severely.

Right, I'll go prod this card reader, I have the driver disc around here somewhere...

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