Saturday, 27 July 2013

Agricultural show and other bits

Apologies for the delay, I've been getting something sorted and lost track completely.  Last Friday was the Agricultural show.  The weather started incredibly foggy/misty but cleared up beautifully .

My day started at 8am moving myself, my wares and Rumble to the showground.
 photo RumbleReady_zps680a0e85.jpg

Rumble spent the morning in his carrier under the Homewares tent table being admired, coo'd and given shocked looks.  He thoroughly enjoyed the attention and didn't nip a single poking finger.  I will admit to a small fear he might not like so much attention but he did brilliantly; another PR ferret appears from my lot.

The competitions for handmade things were well stocked, although I was told that it was quite the quiet year  I'd been asked to come help people label their items and then escort some judges around their section.  As I'd entered items into the handknits section I was put on horticulture; the quickest section.

 photo HomewaresTent_zps34360a61.jpg

The visitors section got a good turnout:
 photo Visitors_zpsfac851f8.jpg

I did love these "giant cupcake cakes"
 photo GiantCupcakes_zps0c688e98.jpg

After ensuring the horticulture results were all recorded and rewards placed Rumble and I went off to the sales tent where I was joining some fellow crafty folk on shared tables to sell wares.  I was selling hand dyed yarns and hand knit phone socks.  I didn't manage to sell anything but I did learn a lot about what customers might want and got some ideas for next year.

At 1pm it was time for Rumble and I to proceed to the main ring and compete.  There were many doggy competitions including "waggiest tail" and "golden oldie".  The dogs were all very well behaved and no scraps broke out.  Then it was "any other pet" Rumble and I followed a young girl and her tortoise around the ring, we came 2nd.  Not that Rumble was bothered, it was just fun to experience everything!  He spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing:
 photo WornOutRumble_zpse4e4b7f8.jpg

I bought myself a couple of cupcakes before leaving:
 photo Cupcakes_zps38606ae1.jpg

 photo YUM_zpsc50e9fe0.jpg

YUM!  I admit to them not lasting very long ;)

The past week has seen me busy-bodying.  I dyed some sock yarn for my soon-to-reopen Etsy shop:
 photo BlowingSocks_zps8ffe7d6f.jpg

I mowed the lawn, again.  Although I was 'rescued' by two friends and we spent a while up at Beachcomber looking at the art enterprises show and having a nice chat, drink and think.

I found a blackbird in the garage one morning:
 photo Blackbird_zps86022285.jpg

 photo Blackbird2_zps3c8d12a6.jpg

It wasn't much pleased with me and couldn't fathom to fly UNDER the garage door to get out.  It spent about 36 hours in the garage before it finally fathomed out the exit.

Last night we had Nicola and Peter over for a roast dinner seated outside.  We also got to open the giant box of choccies we all earned for the sound system install:
 photo Choccies_zps43ad256e.jpg

We were kept relatively fly-free by the Bennett Bomb and the new Beumb:
 photo Bombs_zps6c5025c9.jpg

The Beumb is a birthday present for a mutual friend who we really believe will enjoy it.

Well, apologies for the slight disjointedness of this post, I've got a lot on my mind and wanted to clear this bit out to make room :)  I shall leave you with my photographic experiments of moonrise:
 photo CloudyMoon4_zps6d0ae925.jpg

 photo CloudyMoon5_zps4c8f224b.jpg

 photo CloudyMoon3_zps6dcc7163.jpg

 photo CloudyMoon2_zps14c13e86.jpg

 photo CloudyMoon_zps0c07a8ef.jpg

Also, Tiree folk: Tiree Photographic Club is now in AnT and challenge 2: Seaweed is up and waiting for entries.


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