Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pretties and pets

Busy week!

So, last week was a relaxing week with me getting caught up on odd jobs and generally busy-bodying.  I was also introduced to Angus, Heidi and Hamish the cats.

I've agreed to cat-sit for next door's parents while they go on holiday to the mainland so all three felines were moved from Balinoe to next door to make it easier for me.  This did mean that Angus took about five days to agree to be near me and Heidi still runs after ten days.  Hamish, on the other paw, is very happy with me and pretty much purrs constantly; having him on your lap is like having a little engine idling there that demands stroking.

Let me introduce the trio;

Happy Hamish:
  photo Hamish_zps96050356.jpg

Hiding Heidi
 photo HidingHeidi_zps6fe64541.jpg

Angry Angus
 photo GrumpyAngus_zps0ae38393.jpg

They're fed three times a day and I try to go over every third evening or so to spend some time watching a film or reading while Hamish purrs, Angus looks grumpy and Heidi runs in, scratches the scratching post, and runs out again.  I've got about another nine days to win over Heidi, place your bets now!

We've had lovely sunshine the past two weeks.  This has led to doggy bliss:
 photo DogletBliss_zpsa188fe78.jpg

And bouncy ferrets:
 photo Rumble_zps92d07ba0.jpg

Bouncy ferret led to chased ferret at one point.
 photo RunRumble_zpse28cfa4d.jpg

You see, living where we do, there's a lot of ground nesting birds around, including lapwings
 photo Lapwing_zps0b5fb26d.jpg

They get a bit grumpy when a ferret comes hopping around:
 photo RumbleLapwing_zpsc4573e98.jpg

Especially when their chick is nearby:  photo BabyLapwing_zps968321e1.jpg

 photo BabyLapwingCloser_zps19d04d88.jpg

No, Rumble didn't see the chick and he doesn't have a clue what to do with them anyway.  He'd probably try and get it to chase him!

The local birdies are getting to know me and I'm getting more and more chance for birdy shots; this wagtail was most obliging:
 photo GroomingWagtail_zps3c3a3444.jpg

 photo Wagtail_zpse8fd7458.jpg

 photo OneLegWagtail_zps06e6765b.jpg

Now let me feast your eyes on sunsets and flowers:
 photo SunsetFeisWeek3_zps3d930920.jpg

 photo SunsetTuesFeis_zps8286c92a.jpg

 photo SunsetFeisWeek2_zps3e6e1743.jpg

 photo SunsetFeisWeek_zpsff5869af.jpg

 photo NearlySet_zpsbb8ffcf3.jpg

 photo Going_zpsa31a30f5.jpg

 photo BrightOrb_zps5a9357cb.jpg

 photo BarbedSunset_zpsca0500f5.jpg

A small white flower:
 photo White_zpsc7b1c8ad.jpg

A purple flower, pansy perhaps?
 photo Purple1_zps732dd731.jpg

 photo PurpleCloseup_zps0218d7ed.jpg

Common spotted orchid:
 photo CommonSpottedOrchid_zpsd2d66f95.jpg

Sunburnt leaf:
 photo RedLeaf_zpse7204835.jpg

Not so sunburnt leaf:
 photo RedGreenLeaf_zpse63da146.jpg

 photo vetch_zps7110d336.jpg

Purple clover:
 photo PurpleClover_zps44b91df6.jpg

 photo PurpleClover2_zpsc309857e.jpg

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