Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wired for Sound

Saturday and Monday saw Heylipol church getting wired for sound.  Peter, Nicola, Jo and myself spent a total of 10 hours fitting two giant subwoofers; four speakers; and a mixing desk.  There's a device for adding a delay between the front and back speakers but that's causing trouble so is currently not in the system.

There was a lot of driving back and forth (thanks Peter and Nicola!) due to forgetting such and such tool or adaptor or not having x or having lunch!  I think the trickiest part was working out cable lays; fathoming the shortest and easiest route for 2-core cable and which bits of carpet needed lifting.  The most physically demanding part was the mounting of the speaker brackets, very kindly done by Peter who has no problem being up a ladder with a drill or a 2kg speaker in one hand.

Speaker mount 1 up:
 photo SpkMount1_zps2f187668.jpg

Speaker mount 2 with speaker (I ended up removing that excess cable)
 photo Mounted1_zps6c130829.jpg

The 'old' system is someone's amp and speaker set:
 photo OldandNew2_zps137c031e.jpg

Our 'new' system speakers are smaller than those:
 photo OldandNew_zps46f25153.jpg

Although the 'woofers' are just a tad larger:
 photo OldNewWoofer_zpsd52eec3a.jpg

and there's two of them:
 photo LittleDave_zpsbea01cd1.jpg

Saturday was just a little foggy:
 photo FoggyChurch_zps5701dd7d.jpg

Heylipol became very small feeling:
 photo FoggyHelipol_zps863df7c5.jpg
Even a tad 'Wuthering heights'

Madam was NOT impressed:
 photo BggrOffMum_zpsa70f6cf2.jpg

 photo ColdSchnoz_zps83b52ee6.jpg

Although we did see a redshank on the way to the church one time, it was very obliging for my camera:
 photo Snipe_zps843cdd20.jpg

Saturday also saw the arrival of this ginormous box!
 photo GiantBox_zpsc4cd76db.jpg

 photo GiantPadding_zps0c39b1df.jpg

 photo BigPrinter_zpsaa983965.jpg

 photo JustaTadBig_zps795574c1.jpg

Our current laserjet is dying a death and it actually worked out cheaper to buy this new printer/scanner that's also a laserjet than to replace the consumables in the current one.  Daft or what?  It's quite the snazzy piece of kit; you can scan to any PC on the network that has the software installed.  Very handy for making a copy of a knitting pattern so I can add notes and highlights!

Monday was nicer; sunshine and a light breeze (Tiree standard).

We spent 2 more hours finishing mounting speakers and checking things worked, Henry the hoover was very good at cleaning up after us messy humans:
 photo FaithfulHenry_zps0baea2fc.jpg

Then it was off to the Co for something nice for lunch and a few other bits.  Where I saw a dragonfly, well, I just had to get a photo!
 photo DragonFly_zpsc65fe631.jpg

Elspeth, the island minister was on holiday so Peter and Nicola were dog-sitting her dog, Ben.  While they went off to do some bits and bobs Jo and I took Ben for a walk.  He's younger than Madam Doglet, but not quite as spry and was not happy when we decided to hop across the stones on the beach by Ruadh cottages.  He did have a paddle in a pond though:
 photo WetBen_zps05a172b9.jpg

We did see more of Tiree's pretty flowers:
 photo PrettyPink_zps6375d99f.jpg

 photo YellowFlower_zpsd2edb563.jpg

So, the church is now wired.  Total time taken (including driving back and forth): 10 hours.  Total waste:
 photo TotalWaste_zps9e4c17e2.jpg
1m of speaker cable and a connector.  This was due to a last minute relocation of said speaker.

Not bad.  Now I'm going to go check something on the delay device.  It's called a 'feedback destroyer', right now I'm thinking of it more as a 'sanity destroyer'.


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