Friday, 9 August 2013

Active Day

Wednesday was fairly active and I took the camera roaming.

The Dutchman's Cap as seen from Scarinish: (Dad says it looks like a cake on a plate, it does a bit!) photo DutchmansCap_zps592b9dfe.jpg

Scarinish  Harbour was pretty busy, the Regatta was meant to be on this weekend but a combination of it having already been delayed one week and the weather looking less than fit for it means it was cancelled this year.  Folk were getting their boats out of the water.
 photo BusyScarinish_zps08db09fb.jpg

Weds evening saw Jo and I head off for a walk.  We trotted down to the beach and saw some unusual sights.

A yacht.  I'd seen some white triangle on the horizon while we were walking down and Jo suggested using the camera's 26x zoom to see what it was.
 photo DistantYacht_zpse48387ea.jpg

A sheep carcass, most of which was here but we saw bones scattered for about 200m altogether.
 photo ExSheep_zps1ffe9ad0.jpg

A jellyfish:
 photo BigJellyfish_zps543b9d9d.jpg

Lots of seaweed that I photographed for colour ideas.
 photo BrownPurpleGreenWeed_zps4528c457.jpg

 photo PinkyGreenWeed_zps86aab4f3.jpg

 photo MixedRolledWeed_zpsd4eddd7e.jpg

 photo RolledWeed_zps8aa7890d.jpg

 photo SeaweedAssortment_zps3be94161.jpg

For the walk back I suggested we walk along the Reef, meaning follow the road but walk on the machair.  Jo suggested we try the more direct route.  There were lots of flowers out and blooming:
 photo Machair_zps34cded97.jpg

 photo PinkyMossFlowers_zpsb5c307c5.jpg

 photo PinkyFloweryStuff_zpsf4b7b342.jpg

 photo Flowers_zpsb6367a8a.jpg

It was certainly an adventure.  We identified the house and made a bee line.  The first obstacle was the fence around the landing tarmac for the airport.  No problem, we'll walk around it. The undergrowth was rather thick and deep in places....
 photo DeepMachair_zps796eb1ac.jpg

So deep that Jo left footwells rather than prints!
 photo FootWells_zps8dd6bc41.jpg
 Then I remembered how the airport is surrounded by a fence and that the road to the airport is before our house.  So we got to the airport road and climbed over the fence, went through a gate on the other side and carried on.  I lost my feet down the odd hoofprint but we made it home and did our best calf impressions and slipped through our own fence.  Certainly an interesting walk, shame about all the clegs/horseflies.  Jo got a couple of nibbles but apparently I'm the tastier option, to quote Jo "we come for the sweat, we stay for the bloooooood" and boy did they!  I had five or six bites on one elbow and two on the other.  They've only just stopped itching.

There was a gorgeous sunset that evening though:
 photo AutumnSunset_zps8b5d7ff8.jpg

I'm knitting Christmas items for the Christmas Fayre (I assume there will be one!) and have more ideas for my Etsy shop!  I made a big yarn order, most of which has arrived and I have many plans for it.  I've got 15 skeins of various blends and have some merino/cashmere/nylon on backorder too.  Lovefibre, Nicola and myself are going to have a dyeing day sometime soonish and now I know that dyed yarn dries quicker if it's turned out onto the lawn so I can dye and rinse and dry in one day rather than two!

I'm also running a dye bath in the garage.  We bought some green emrboidered but otherwise white bedding with the intention of dyeing it and now I have, plus three t-shirts and soon another set of bedding.  It takes longer to exhaust an alkaline dye bath than an acid one.  Anyhoo, as I'm lacking photos of those I shall leave off for now and get back to knitting.


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