Saturday, 31 August 2013

*sound of crickets*

Deulich!  Sorry!  I've been a little hectic the last few weeks.

I've got a yarn dyeing post lined up soon, just waiting for the latest batch to cool.

What's Deulich?  It's Scottish Gaelic for sorry.  Yes folks, I have now said 4500 different words of Gaelic and made 80 new sounds.

Our class and tutors on the last day:
 photo UlpanGroup_zpsf1276012.jpg

Six days on instense brainwashing (yes, they use a brainwashing technique to help the words sink in) and the island now has four qualified tutors.

The weather has been iffy.  No long dry spells but no long wet spells, just all of it in each week.  This has led to the odd interesting visitor:

 photo FlappingVisitor_zps0bbab2a4.jpg

On the cold windy days Rumble the ferret has bounded out of the cage and gone for a good run about while the other two made their opinions very clear.

 photo NushuSleeping_zpsaf981414.jpg

 photo SleepyFerts_zps13927a2a.jpg

I've been working on "Christmas stock" ready for the local sale in November.

 photo MetallicWoolBaubles_zpsbef273b1.jpg

I've also designed a pattern for little stuffed fish that can be used in a multitude of ways including tesselating to make a blanket.

 photo FishyPile_zpse43369aa.jpg

 photo FishTesselation2_zpsdbb70b27.jpg

It was the lamb sale two Fridays ago, 'twas rather noisy!

 photo ManyManyLambs_zps30034c30.jpg

Apparently it went alright, not great but good enough.

Madam doglet is enjoying today's sun and cooking in the living room.  It's pretty darn windy out there but that's not getting in so she's happy.

That's it for now, yarn and dyeing post soon.