Sunday, 4 August 2013

Introducing The Woolly Ferret

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on something.  I've been dyeing yarn, talking to folk, renaming my Etsy shop and plotting.

Now I'm ready for the big reveal.

 photo banner_zpsb03652c3.png

Look at the amazingly CUTE ferret!  (I've already had a friend point out that the image is a "fur-ball".  Very punny)
 photo Ferret_zpsd621fa5e.png

The image and banner were made by the local talented artist Gromitty.  I sent her a list of suggestions and was thinking of ferret on a ball of yarn, what does she come back with?  Ferret on a ball of yarn!  perfection!

I've fathomed how to add a gallery of some of the items in my shop to the side bar over there --->

I've even registered a address.

Now I'm off to sort out Ravelry adverts for next month.


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