Monday, 4 November 2013

A bit of colour

I was crafty over the half term.  I knit some "blanks" of sock yarn to dye up during a dyeing session down at Adavale.

 photo UndyedBlanks_zpsd91dbca1.jpg

Unfortunately I completely forgot to photograph the process.  I blame the fact that popcorn was being prepared at the same time!

The end results were/are lovely:
 photo SockBlank1_zps8f75e4e6.jpg

 photo SockBlank2_zpsba380045.jpg

Inspired by this I had a look at knitting machines and bought myself a Prym Maxi circular knitting machine.  It looks like a UFO with a hand crank, but it makes a tube quickly and effectively.  I can go from skein to tube in about 15 minutes.

So I knit up four tubes last weekend and dyed them this week;

 photo TubeBlanks_zps7e765515.jpg

 photo TubeBlank1_zps53218f8c.jpg

 photo TubeBlank2_zps40d1a433.jpg

 photo TubeBlank3_zps2862bd91.jpg

 photo BalemartineTube_zps96d49e78.jpg

I love how these look rolled up:
 photo RolledTubes_zps0fe31a05.jpg

 photo RolledTube1_zps998a1c5f.jpg

 photo RolledTube2_zpseaa44eff.jpg

 photo RolledTube4_zps066d58fe.jpg

 photo RolledTube3_zps16ceb862.jpg

I also dyed up some aran weight yarn for a tea cosy, but that's postponed due to needing to organise stock for the Christmas craft fayre.

 photo TecosyColours_zpsd17dcb65.jpg

I have a cushion pattern almost done.  It's called "Lamb below the waves" and is currently 18" square, quite a nice sized cushion.  Just need to finish the last chart, then put the bottom border on and the button band and it's done.

Who knew trying to get a business going was such hard work?!


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