Monday, 11 November 2013

(belated) Happy Birthday Peter!

You know the friend who's been working on model Tiree houses?

 photo PaintedThatch_zps8909d836.jpg

 photo PaintedSpotty_zpsa0f698e4.jpg

He turned mumblemumble years old on Monday and had a birthday party on Sunday.

On Friday I took round our biggest cake tin and the hand mixer.  17 eggs and 1.5hours' cooking later we had a huuuuge cake!

 photo TwoMixingBowls_zps4a2a0d76.jpg

We used two mixing bowls as I wasn't sure on their capacity.  Started with an 8 egg mix, that wasn't enough, weighed the remaining marge and went up to 17 eggs.

 photo GiantCake_zps3f3a7b4c.jpg

I also used bicarb instead of baking powder to make the cake rise and was warned it was going to taste disgusting.  Nope!  Most delicious.

The party went great.

The cake had been decorated and was candled:
 photo BigCake_zpsf0f01248.jpg

Guests were given gold plates with expensive napkins!
 photo Napkins_zps5ac1e54a.jpg

One guest really liked those:
 photo CountingTheDough_zps3a144fc3.jpg

Snackerels were provided:
 photo CakeAndSnacks_zps14663139.jpg

I was asked to light the candles and Jo, being the strong man, was asked to bring the cake through...

 photo GlowingCake_zps4eb59424.jpg

 photo HotCake_zps3d2a3f3f.jpg

 photo BirthdayBoy_zps918899c0.jpg

It really was as hot as he makes it look!

With one puff the birthday boy blew out all the candles!

 photo HappyPeter_zpsd4cc7204.jpg

Oh yes... erm...we might have set the smoke alarm off in the kitchen lighting all those candles.

A happy afternoon had by all and lots of cake to enjoy.


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  1. It really was a lovely day wasn't it ?!