Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Community Bonfire Night

I didn't go to this last year, instead I enjoyed the display from home (all the visuals, not so much bang).  This time though it was moved a day forward due to weather so it was on before tapestry group.  I did take some photos of early fireworks and the fire as I walked down but a combination of poor timing, passing cars, and shaky tripod made those a bit too poor.

I did take video of some of the display, but do turn your volume down!  I wasn't very far from the display and these were loud (funnily enough, what with it being explosives!)

Video 1:

Video 2:

I also engaged the camera's fireworks mode.  This is basically a mode that holds the shutter open for 4 seconds and captures all that light it gets during that time.  So, instead of what the eye sees, you get a combination.  It made for some pretty photos, quite a few of which look like palm fronds and flowers:  Apologies for the odd one with a strange black shape infront; I was behind a fence and the post was sometimes in the way.

 photo fw35_zps5d9a52fa.jpg

 photo fw34_zps3a8e3a5b.jpg

 photo fw33_zpse82e552f.jpg

 photo fw32_zpsc9228f63.jpg

 photo fw27_zpsd4245e07.jpg

 photo fw30_zpsefec3f08.jpg

 photo fw31_zps6e283068.jpg

 photo fw29_zps693adcd6.jpg

 photo fw22_zpsbc9dc21f.jpg

 photo fw25_zps738d69de.jpg

 photo fw28_zpsc9a13fcb.jpg

 photo fw24_zps85afb231.jpg

 photo fw23_zps688479bb.jpg

 photo fw26_zps6cb43bb2.jpg

 photo fw18_zpse2d8e00f.jpg

 photo fw20_zps5bcc830f.jpg

 photo fw21_zps38401c13.jpg

 photo fw15_zps532a7a51.jpg

 photo fw19_zps4394e331.jpg

 photo fw16_zpsdcc06a5f.jpg

 photo fw17_zpsb663bf79.jpg

 photo fw11_zps461d8725.jpg

 photo Fencefw_zpsed54a022.jpg

 photo fw12_zpsbb1b3d53.jpg

 photo fw13_zps1fa989ce.jpg

 photo fw14_zps7445ba53.jpg

 photo fw7_zps30a4850b.jpg

 photo fw10_zpsc54e33b1.jpg

 photo fw8_zps2141389c.jpg

 photo fw9_zpsb4ae9f6a.jpg

 photo fw6_zps356b0d17.jpg

 photo fw3_zps92718476.jpg

 photo fw5_zps6170f876.jpg

 photo fw4_zps014a05c5.jpg

 photo FW1_zps741da9ef.jpg

 photo fw2_zps49211a48.jpg

The bonfire was lovely too:

 photo Fire_zps480a942f.jpg

 photo Firecloseup_zps07c29907.jpg

Once the display was over I headed on to tapestry.  I think it was a successful night, even with the short notice day move.  Now, back to knitting!



  1. Gosh Jacqui, those firework photos are fantastic!

  2. Thank you, thank you :) Most of the credit goes to the camera ;)