Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  We've had sunshine here and it's been lovely to have it for more than a day!

On Saturday evening I decided to try something I'd seen last year.  Bunny rolls!

Looks simple, doesn't it?

Oh ho ho.  The first attempts were so terrible I took one photo and then tried again.
 photo DevilBunnies_zpse33fb156.jpg

Jo suggested to cut the ears the other way and fold them back.  I forgot to take a photo pre-baking of the two possibunnies and the demented slipper.  These are the end result:
 photo DevilBunnies2_zpsba5839e2.jpg

 photo Bunny1_zpsd0203b82.jpg

 photo Bunny2_zpsfe6426ac.jpg

 photo SplodaBunny_zpsb934f7cf.jpg
The demented slipper's head tore open.  I can think of one redheaded reader and pupil at the school who possibly might smile at demented slipper's unfortunate incident.

We've had a busy weekend.  Saturday was the Easter Fayre.  I helped man the Tapestry Group table selling our card sets.  I found Nemo!

 photo FoundNemos_zps6dda1262.jpg

It also turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch:
 photo FreeLunch_zps5b8297b8.jpg

It was a wonderful day for it.
 photo GorgeousEaster_zpsee39fc22.jpg

We had this weather pretty much all weekend.
 photo SkinnyDipTime_zpsfa404c5e.jpg

The weather was so nice that on Sunday we entertained folk to the first BBQ of the season.  Alas, the coals I got were terrible so we ended up putting all the food under the grill inside and then smoking it over the coals for flavour.  No photos, enjoying company too much.  We also broke one friend with this Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch:

On Sunday Jo went to a dawn service near the Manse, alas one of the front trike tyres punctured on the driveway.  So the trike stayed there until Monday.  There'd been a wedding last week where the sound system at the church had been very uncooperative so I went in to work out the exact problem and find out what we do about it.  Turned out it was a dual issue.  The front woofer/amplifier had sprung a fault that didn't clear and someone had seriously damaged the audio input cable so it only worked if you wiggled it just right.  I still have no idea how the 3.5mm jack got bent; that takes great force on such a tiny thing.  So after a phone call to the lovely man who set us up with all the bits Jo and I set to dismantling "big Dave".

16 metal screws and 1 wood screw later and we had about half the weight of the behemoth.  The manufacturer are actually happy to take back the panel with all the electronics on it and repair/replace that rather than the whole thing.  So the giant box gets to stay on the island and the extremely heavy panel gets to go back.  I hope the manufacturer either pay for or refund the postage, this is NOT going to be cheap!

After doing that we headed to the Manse and decided it was easier to replace the inner tube than repair it again.  Especially after said tube looked like it had been sanded with gravel.  So that was replaced, inflated and all was well.  Jo cycled us both home via the Co and I knit from Scarinish to home.

 photo TrikeKnitting_zps43674e82.jpg

It was a fairly smooth ride and rather pleasant with no real wind as such and gorgeous sunshine all around.

Now, apologies in advance to those who find moths disturbing, if you do, skip the next two photos quickly!

May I introduce the first divebomber of the season, the Belted Beauty:

 photo BlackWhiteMoth_zpsa4b0675d.jpg

Why "divebomber"?  Because they fly into the bathroom after dusk and have a habit of bouncing off you and any other surface while you're in there.  The first time it happens can be a bit shocking.

But just LOOK at that amazing detail!
 photo SuchDetail_zpsd45749af.jpg

So much work in something so small.  These guys (the females look like fuzzy bugs) are extremely rare in England and fairly rare up North but abundant in the areas they are in.  I.e. Tiree.

Thinking of amazing, the sunrise this morning was breathtaking and well worth being awake at 5:30 am.

 photo SplodySky_zpsf8cbdce4.jpg

 photo SploySky2_zps78e55824.jpg

 photo SplodyMorning_zps29262be3.jpg

Actually, those were all *before* the sun came up.  The actual sunrise was awesome too.

 photo MountainSun_zpsaec0955a.jpg
Just perched on the hill in Balephetrish

 photo AmazingColour_zpsf36155c2.jpg

 photo SuchColour_zpsed1d19c2.jpg

That's it really.  Studying goes well, so does the filing at An Iodhlann where I am off to later.


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