Friday, 6 June 2014

Missed May


Can you tell I've been a tad busy?  I had a tutor assignment to do, work to do, a job interview and a whole host of things.  Plus the weather was variable at best.

So, May photos.

A goldfinch visited my feeder:
 photo Goldfinch2_zps878ea882.jpg

We have swallows nesting in the eaves:
 photo Swallow_zps15f325cf.jpg

 photo Swallow2_zps256d63e6.jpg

 photo SwallowStretch_zps28861e2f.jpg

I finished the socks I started knitting in the trike in April:
 photo StuartSocks_zps3854a2cf.jpg

Some "bee socks" for Jo:
 photo Buzzysocks_zps936993a4.jpg

And might have embarassed Madam Doglet:

 photo PresentPip_zps9d9d981d.jpg

 photo MeanieMum_zpse33784e7.jpg

I've been thoroughly enjoying my time in An Iodhlann with Duncan and learning all sorts of snippets.  Last Friday I went for a wonder at lunchtime and found Tiny Mussels!

 photo TinyMussles_zpsd1add205.jpg

That silver disc is a 5p coin, approx 1cm in diameter.

Currently An Iodhlann is closed while new windows and some maintenance and a good lick of paint are added.  Feels very strange to be home on a Friday!

We are having good weather more frequently than bad now.  Madam is enjoying the sun, I've mowed the front lawn twice and the back 1.5 times.  Really need to do the back again, but that'll be tomorrow (weather permitting).

Anyway, I have more photos to take and more studying to do!


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