Thursday, 10 July 2014

An evening on the beach

20:30: I suggest we go for a walk.

22:00: We get home.

It's so lovely to go for a stroll in the evening.  The beach was positively packed with us, another couple out for a stroll and a jogger!

There were a fair few jellyfish stranded too.  Lots of the mauve species: Which aren't always mauve and can be tan.

 photo Mauve3_zpsb019332a.jpg

 photo Mauve1_zps38e283e3.jpg

 photo Mauve2_zps04ffc8ee.jpg

And at least two ginormous Lions Mane (size 11 boot for scale):

 photo BigMane_zpsa4cbffaa.jpg

 photo BiggerMane_zpsa971c5e8.jpg

According to my research these can reach up to 8 foot in diameter around our shores and 40feet in the Arctic, so these were relatively small!  They're also the nastier stinger that can *potentially* cause issue whereas the mauve just hurt like heck.

No, I am not willing to test this theory, thank you very much!  I was barefoot and gave them all a very wide berth.

Some folk had been very artistic with this shell sand sculpture:
 photo ShellLike_zps51a1e1d7.jpg

We were also being artistic.  The moon was out so we spent a while finding a good spot and catching its reflection in the water:

 photo WeLikeDaMoon_zpsa0a77ed4.jpg

 photo WeLikeDaMoon2_zpse9081c1e.jpg

 photo WeLikeDaMoon3_zps92bf6059.jpg

 photo WeLikeDaMoon4_zps5bcaded7.jpg

 photo WeLikeDaMoon5_zps3e1ecc9a.jpg

The ginormous Dark Arches moth that came in a few days ago couldn't find its way out the following evening so I caught it and subjected it to a few quick snaps before showing it back outside.

 photo ScuseMe_zpsa5f21a5d.jpg

Last night I left the peg bag outside, guess who I found under it?
 photo NotHereMoth_zpsa4bb6ace.jpg

Not here!  You can't see me!  ARRRGH!

I also found this still unidentified one on the bathroom window:
 photo UnknownMoth_zps18c13afb.jpg

I may have succumbed to the latest kids' craze, loom bands:
 photo Faddish_zps3ba48d33.jpg

It's kind of like crochet and is actually fun although I fully admit to spending probably more time than a kid trying to fathom the instructions!

Anyway, the weather is amazing, Jo is out reading in the sun and Madam is gently cooking.  I think I shall get to some more loom banding.


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