Monday, 21 July 2014

Few Photos

Knitting like a loony at the moment, so I shall just pop these here.

Tortoiseshell butterfly that got a bit lost in the study today:
 photo Tortoiseshell_zps76251fcd.jpg

 photo PantingFly_zpsf10eaec7.jpg

Caterpillars (I think the same species)
 photo Caterpillars_zps24cf523e.jpg

Tired wagtail
 photo TiredWagtail_zps3d3b8e23.jpg

Strutting his stuff up the road at Silly AM
 photo Strut_zps54f7208d.jpg

 photo Skylark2_zps7bbfc28b.jpg

 photo MorningBird_zpsc8f52dc2.jpg

Song thrush
 photo SongThrush_zpsdbf1400b.jpg

Not sure, possibly a young skylark?
 photo Dunno2_zpse64df5c4.jpg

 photo Dunno_zps8aa4e40b.jpg

TMF 2014  Including Big Top tent and many campers!  1600 tickets were sold and extra ferries were put on.
 photo TMF2014_zps5daaef56.jpg

 photo TMF20142_zps96aee82c.jpg

The giant shell sand sculpture has increased:
 photo ShellDistance_zpsb5d2d140.jpg

 photo BiggerShell_zps5c59d75c.jpg

Friday was a Commonwealth Games day on the beach.  Took me a while to remember that on Saturday morning when I wondered why there was a bin with a table.
 photo RandomBin_zps4f73ba06.jpg

and some bales of hay.
 photo RandomBales_zpsc87a1143.jpg

Ronald McDonald woz 'ere apparently.
 photo McDonaldBalloon_zps25033e36.jpg

This is what happens when you leave shoes in the same room as a dehumidifier for two years and then try to wear them...
 photo Dryshoes_zps04cb2084.jpg

 photo Dryshoes2_zps8c837f66.jpg

A friend asked me to knit her some red alpaca to raise funds for her friend.  This is alpaca number 1 and a hambean.  The hambeans are quicker and cuter, in my humble opinion.
 photo BeanLlama3_zps290024e3.jpg

 photo BeanLlama4_zps3206fb29.jpg

 photo BeanLlama_zpsd21b1de3.jpg

 photo BeanLlama2_zpsd3e100f4.jpg

Saturday morning sunrise on the beach.
 photo Sunflection_zpsfe539c51.jpg

 photo Sunflection2_zpse6c4622d.jpg

 photo Sunflection3_zps840a0bd7.jpg

 photo Sunflection4_zpsf53f205f.jpg

A few of the beaches have seen quite serious erosion over Winter, on Crossapol that means the remains of the buildings that were bulldozed onto it after WWII can be seen:
 photo RustyCave_zps8d5f2a4b.jpg

 photo RustyHillside_zps439bf59c.jpg

 photo RustyPulley_zpsf593b526.jpg

Strata of rust
 photo Rust_zpsb5e72ae9.jpg

That's it for now.  Back to knitting!


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