Sunday, 3 August 2014

Agricultural Show 2014

 There have been two events since I posted.  The Agricultural show and the Regatta.

Let's start with the Agri show.

The day was gorgeous!  Sun shining, mild breeze, lovely.  This year's visiting attraction was a birds of prey show.  They have many birds and take out the ones that do best in the season/weather.  So we had relatively hot climate birds visiting.

I caught the tail end (excuse the pun!) of the first display.  A bit of falcon and a fair bit about a vulture.  Turns out that when they're relaxed their faces are nearly grey, when they're excited/interested the head goes pink and when it goes purple they're about to throw up!  It's a defence mechanism; they throw up their tasty food and the birds chasing them stop to eat that while it gets away.
 photo BirdDisplay_zps9a397792.jpg

 photo PreeningVulture_zps12e1d877.jpg

 photo HoodedVulture_zps352fdae1.jpg

 photo PinkingUp_zpsa8240420.jpg

 photo HoodedVulture2_zps542c1d41.jpg

The biggest bird there was this white tailed sea eagle.  I've seen a few of these beauties flying in the wild before, but never seen one so close.  Apparently she can be a bit grumpy.

 photo WhiteTailedSeaEagle4_zps0810b904.jpg

 photo WhiteTailedSeaEagle2_zpsa3a5c8d7.jpg

 photo WhiteTailedSeaEagle_zps2c3f7df4.jpg

 photo WhiteTailedSeaEagle3_zpsf233ad2e.jpg

This is a young hand-reared black kite.  Nothing phased her, even when Madam Doglet tried to get a sniff!
 photo BlackKite_zps39ec0a16.jpg

Another, mature, black kite:
 photo BlackKite2_zps7f03dae9.jpg

Indian Eagle Owl:
 photo IndianEagleOwl2_zps594c76e2.jpg

 photo IndianEagleOwl_zps2796969a.jpg

Tawny Eagle:
 photo TawnyEagle_zpsa1810772.jpg

Harris Hawk:
 photo HarrisHawk_zps7fcedde2.jpg

Falcon: (it's wearing a tail protector.  The podium can wear at the feathers, so they have this to protect them)
 photo Falcon_zps9a00a900.jpg

Ofcourse, those weren't the only birds!  There were hens, cockerels, drakes and ducks.

These two were dozing off until the cockerel next to them decided to crow.

 photo Hens_zpsc901d078.jpg

These ones were getting a bit warm.
 photo BitWarm_zps71eaa873.jpg

That's about it photowise from the show.  I was distracted knitting an alpaca and then came home for a bit.  Oooh, but that's not the end of the show report!  Pippa and I got prizes!

I got a 1st for my knitted beret.  I wasn't planning to enter anything but then I saw beret and spent a couple of days knitting this one:
 photo FirstTam_zps3ce5651d.jpg

Madam Doglet got 2nd in "golden oldie":
 photo OnlySecond_zpsa23564f5.jpg

She did very well at the show, I think the heat helped by keeping the arthritis at bay.

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