Thursday, 30 June 2016

One month already?

One month old, with toys and carry cot for scale:

 photo OneMonth_zpsidw6ltji.jpg

Don't ask how many photos have blurred limbs!

She's five weeks today and nearly 11lb!  10lb 10oz at weigh in.  I can believe it, my arms are starting to notice.

Happy little bug!  She's also sleeping without me right next to her, so I am getting some housework in every so often.

My crafting mojo is slowly returning, along with my energy.  We're at 3hrs between night feeds at the moment, so I am actually achieving sleep!

Anyhoo, not much to report, still adjusting to motherhood.  I shall leave you with a cute milk-induced sleepy Rosemary and her cute toes.

 photo MilkSleepy_zpspurwrsnd.jpg/>

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