Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Rolling and sleeping

Everyone tells you "sleep when baby sleeps".  I have been doing my best, we definitely enjoy our lie-ins.  Rosemary has an alert time from 5:30 to 7am, and then it's zonk until 1pm-ish.  But after that she has a really alert time, so we get up and then go back to be between 8 and 10pm, Mummy's energy levels depending.

I know that isn't long, but when you're being woken every 1.5-3hrs for food and most likely having to sit up to burp and maybe get up to change a nappy, 6-8hrs of full consciousness is quite enough.  Rosemary naps during that time, but Mummy takes the time to get things done and refuel.

But we don't always leave the bed.  Sometimes we have wakey time on the bed and play.  Rosemary likes the unevenness, it allows her to practice rolling.

I'm managing to get to my PC a bit more, so I can actually edit photos and videos.  Although sometimes this is done while keeping myself pressed against the desk so little bod can doze:

 photo MultitaskinMum_zpsm9bjlo0v.jpg

We do have a carry cot, she spent her first week sleeping in it, and can still sleep in it:
 photo CuteSleeper_zpsbons6skb.jpg

But Mum is just too comforting.  I get longer breaks if I either wear or carry her.  Not that I mind, unless I'm dealing with the dishwasher or washing machine; bending is tricky while wearing a baby, squatting is better but requires better muscle than I currently have.

On Thursday we had our first evening out.  We went to Happy Hookers and had many snuggles and met many new faces and heard familiar voices.  This did require a trip in the car seat and as it was a breezy evening, lots of blankets were used.  Think Rosemary was worried she might be eaten by blanket!

 photo ScaryCarSeat_zpsiujfmf4a.jpg

I didn't get a huge amount of crochet done, so much newness requires lots of brainfood and so Mum was in demand.  But I did get to socialise and enjoy company and silliness.  Going again tomorrow, assuming it's on.

Bathtime is becoming fun.  We had a bit of a poonami on Monday, so we cleaned Rosemary as much as possible and then she joined me in the bath.  It's lovely.  She gets to wriggle and explore this water thing and then Dad dries her off while Mum finishes bathing. 

Anyway, a little lady has awoken and requires food.


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