Monday, 19 September 2016

The Shed

It's a gorgeous day today.  Rosemary, Pippa, and myself have been for a nice stroll along a quiet side road and now Rosemary is happily playing with giraffe on her playmat; Pippa is passed out in her crate; and I am uploading photos while the washing machine does the nappies.

So, the shed.  The house we're currently in doesn't have a garage or any sort of outside storage.  Wouldn't be a huge problem except the trike needs somewhere and we do have things like lamp oil which are safer stored outside.  So, after poking various websites, Jo found someone who was willing to send the kit via MacLennan motors.  The kit where one box weighed 54kg.  Have I mentioned that crofters are deceptively strong?  There's one who does the MacLennan deliveries, he hoiked the 54kg (that's something like 8 stone) box out of the van on his own; Jo had to unpack it in situ!  Never underestimate a crofter.

And so the bits of shed sat/stood in the house for a bit until the weekend before my parents came up.  That Saturday it was warm and fairly still, and most importantly dry, so Joseph and two friends set to assembling this shed.

I popped out to assist every so often but Rosemary was having a hungry day so I spent most of my time indoors feeding her and changing bums.

The manual suggests that two people will take approximately 6.5hrs to construct this thing.  Nine hours later this was bolted to the concrete:
 photo ShedShell_zpssp9beanb.jpg

and the roof was in progress:
< photo MidgeFans_zpsx94mjfrf.jpg

Why did we have fans plugged in outside?  Believe it or not, they kept the midgies at bay.  Jo looked like he had the measles the next day because of the bitey bugs.

Rosemary wanted to supervise so she came out with her personal midge-proofing:
 photo RosemarySupervisor_zpsyijdck0h.jpg

Sunday afternoon the roof was done and, with the aid of my 6'4" dad, put on top.
 photo ShedBuilding2_zpsevz3d926.jpg

and that was how it sat for a day or two.  Dad and I assembled the doors while my Mum sat with Rosemary, and the shed was DONE!

But four 10mm bolts versus Tiree winds?  Yeah, right.  Jo had purchased some marquee pegs and ratchet straps.  We installed one about two weeks ago, and I put the other one over this week after hearing the shed making banging noises in some not-high-for-Tiree winds.

It's looking pretty good.

 photo ShedAndCar_zpsrbzcnkr8.jpg

That car?  Prepare to see it driving around Tiree, slowly, and wiggly, I am going to learn to drive.  I've had my first lesson (thanks dad!), but am a fairly long way from driving more than 15mph.  Still, I only stalled twice and kangaroo'd twice; not bad for someone who has never driven before.

We get in some lovely walks in this area and I finally have photos of highland cows!  There are none in easy walking distance of Crossapol, so I lived here for four and a half years seeing only meat cows.  Now we have this one and its pals just down the road:
 photo SummerCow_zpsn9wr93bh.jpg

Rosemary and I have also seen cruise ships off the shore:
 photo CruisingOffTiree_zpsdzgra5il.jpg

 photo CruisingOffTiree3_zpsiifjmxoa.jpg

One lot visited this week and had a great time, the weather was wonderful for them too.

Autumn is coming though, Rosemary had to wear a jumper at the weekend:
 photo WarmClothes_zpstvl4x8k4.jpg

She liked the warmth, but not the restriction to her movement.  Bulky arm seams are a baby's nemesis apparently.

That's it really, we're adjusting to family life; the dog is adjusting to the new house; and I may one day catch up on my sleep.  I'll leave you with a photo of Rosemary chewing her friend, mouton.

 photo EatingMouton_zpshcv0mnsb.jpg


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