Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Well, the wind has eased since yesterday. I judge the strength of them partly by the noise made around doors that lead to an open window and partly by how easily the birds are flying.

Today the birds are flying easily enough, so I'm going to label the wind flying friendly. Yesterday the gulls and big black birds (possibly crows, not sure yet) were hovering. Last week, some of them were going backwards.

Mixed sun and rain today, passing grey clouds dump a bit then get blown over.

I was brave today, I booked myself in with the dentist. Turns out she's only on the island for the first week of each month, so if I'd left it any longer it would have been April to get things done and, alas, I need things doing again. On the plus side, the Scottish government set the costs for NHS dental treatment up here and they are far more reasonable it seems. A check up is entirely free for starters, now how sensible is that?

The planes have been today, I just saw the postie deliver to next door and Weds is a no-ferry day. I think I must have slept through the plane landing though, or been up already, I don't remember hearing it.

Tomorrow is recycling day, I love the list of things that can be recycled up here! We get a whole wheely bin just for cardboard and paper and a stack of bin liner sized bags for tins, plastics, tetra-paks. Then we get another smaller wheelie bin for all the glass. I'm not sure how anyone can fill one of those in a month, but apparently it's deemed the average household can.

Food waste isn't collected on the island, but compost bins are suggested. I'm going to look into those today with a mind to get one, store it in the garage to beging with, and then install it on a calmer day so it doesn't take off. Our wheelie bins are currently tied to the fence with rope to prevent those flying off and the waste bin lives in the garage, mainly because the biggest component of our non-recyclables is now ferret poop-scoop and plastic wrap packaging.

We're still not entirely sorted in the house yet. But I have some dongles to make for Dad this week so the study will be getting my attention this evening in an attempt to reach my desk. That also means the spare room will get a little attention because that's where my chair has been placed.

The living room is pretty much there. All the furniture is where we want it and the seating can be cleared quickly (it's currently covered with things to prevent small dogs taking a shining). The bedroom is done. I found the castor cups in the curtain box (after Jo claimed they weren't there ;)) So we assembled our bed frame for the...sixth time, we also taped up some of the slats that were looking cracked. The curtains are installed and work, our bedside clocks are in and my electric underblanket is in the room incase I get cold.

I reorganised the back porch bit, there's now a mat down to collect water off doggy paws and boots that come in and the few boxes we have left are stashed out of the way. You can even get to the second toilet, although the cold tap needs a bit of a wrench to turn it off all the way.

The kitchen is definitely done. Everything has a place. We do have atleast one mouse though. I think the reason it's not gone into our humane trap is the design of the trap, it has a little see-saw arrangement and I think the mice are spooked by it. Might have to Google a better trap.

Whew! I thought this was going to be a quick weather update, apparently not. Anyway, that's all for now. I'm going to check a bank transfer has worked, look into compost bins (not literally) and then maybe do some embroidery.


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