Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday 5th February 2012

Jo starts work tomorrow. I admit to being a bit worried he'll come home completely at a loss and stressing but I hope not. Deep down I'm sure he'll be fine, he seems confident after all.
I've just been settling the ferrets properly. For the past...12 days they've been living in the little cage with only a hammock, two bowls (food and water) and their litter pan. Fortunately ferrets will happily sleep the day away if nothing better presents itself so they weren't overly concerned, but it can cause weight issues and it's boring. So today I took my stereo and a Bon Jovi CD and spent an hour and a bit putting the big cage back together, equipping it with its tubes, pans, bowls, hanging basket and various beddings. All the time being 'assisted' by said furballs.

'Assisted' means different things according to each ferret. For Fred it's trying to climb my legs, or going up the inside of my jeans to attempt sock thievery, it's also running around in the newly assembled cage while I'm still installing shelves and tubes. David is getting old now, so he does the old-man potter and just checks every so often that I'm doing what I should be. Barry spends the time trying to get into the boxes I'm unloading for bits or making a mad dash across the garage. Nushu does a mix of climbing bits of cage (assembled and not), war-dancing around my feet and pouncing my boots in exchange for a belly rub and a play. Rumble is the most helpful assistant, he climbs the bits of cage, runs into the tubes I'm trying to fasten to the cage walls and generally gets under my feet.

Still, the ferret cage is now done and David has buried himself in the fleece lined hanging basket for the day. Well, he had buried himself in the fleece in the hammock in the small cage, but I just picked it up, ferret and all, and transferred to the basket.
Jo has organised the kitchen, we had the cooker connected yesterday so it was time to unpack those last few boxes. I removed the dessicated skeleton of a mouse that had been caught by a trap long before we got here, cleaned the cupboard, washed up then left Jo to it. He's done a great job and there's still lots of space in our lovely roomy kitchen.

We really have bought everything for a house now, all the white goods, all the furniture, we're even buying curtain rails this month.

I have plans for sorting the living room tomorrow, I have the house to myself so I'm going to sort the corner behind the door and all the other little piles, I may even try to make sense of the pile that is my desk. Or...I might spend the whole day sitting at my PC and relaxing. I do intend to ring Pickfords though, I need to find out if we keep broken things for claiming on the insurance or what. I also need to register a complaint against one of the packers, he did a good job of packing the crockery, but he just swept all the Warhammer models from my desk into a box and put all my trinkets, including glass and pottery, in the top of a box with no protection. The trinkets are unharmed, except one glass piggy, but the models all scraped each other's paint off, so now they all need patching, so much of my time! He also tipped the boxes that had Jo's models in and put them in the packing boxes sideways so those all got disturbed. Not happy.

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