Monday, 28 May 2012

Lovely day all

Photobucket BBQ out on the drive, sun shining and I finally have a sunscreen that doesn't set my skin off, well done Boots on their Soltan Sensitive!
Now then, for the past week or so there have been some really loud corncrakes in the area...I have a sound link hang on...

Noisy birdies!
The thing with these things is, they're really small, dull brown and like tall grass. It has taken me a whole pigging week to get these pathetic shots:

Yep, the whole bird is about 1 foot tall and yet they make enough noise for a flock of gulls! They also have really good eyesight and don't trust a human stood in her doorway not to come running after them. The little sparrows, on the other hand...

One more photo, a little collection of shells I have on the living room windowsil... Photobucket

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