Sunday, 13 May 2012

You know it's windy on Tiree when...

... the wind sock at the airport seems to have blown away.
... you have to take the cover off the bike to avoid capsizing
... you try to change down a gear and discover you're already in first because of the headwind
... you have to work hard to keep your arm still long enough to get the key in the garage door
... it takes an hour and a half to go 4.5 miles
... the ferry gives up and goes home because the sea's too rough
... locking the bike doesn't actually stop it moving
... opening the front door is only safe if you're wearing a cycle helmet
... the compost bin goes missing even though it was weighted with a huge lump of concrete and two roof tiles. (added by Jacqui)

The wind was above 40mph today, gusting above 60mph. It was a little bit of a hairy day to be on the south side of the island, with the wind coming up from the south-west.

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