Saturday, 1 September 2012

22 hours later

My parents came up for the day yesterday, apparently it took a fair bit out of me because I needed 22 hours of sleep to recover.

However, it was a great day.  No photos, sorry, I was enjoying the day and forgot to even grab the camera before we headed out.

I did some research before the 'rents came up and we had a nice afternoon planned.  They had a stupendously early morning wake up to get the ferry, it left at quarter to six in the morning.  Fortunately our driver for the day (Dad) managed a nice nap on the ferry, Mum was amused too.  They had a good sail over, mirror smooth until past Mull and then only slight rolling.  Mum kept her breakfast so it can't have been too bad.

We spent the morning chatting at home, catching up on life and family while Pippa got lots of attention from Dad and enjoyed some new toys.  She demolished two tennis balls and fair shredded a rope toy too.  She too was worn out today, Jo didn't hear a peep out of her until she wanted to go to bed.

The afternoon was fab!

First was a visit to Blue Beyond.  I've had a few island friends say they would "kidnap" me and take me, so I took the advantage and we went as a family.  Dad stayed with the car (he's not a major art aficionado) and took a stroll along the road a bit.  Mum and I had to carry our jaws.  WOW!

I'd been  told the lady who does most of the work for sale is skilled  She takes fabric and painted boards and makes the most amazingly colourful and realistic work.  If Mum or I even come into a lot of money we'll be going there and buying the place out!  There was also some stained glass that just begged to come home and bring colour to our windows.  I did resist, but only because my work money was already earmarked.  Mum spent some dosh though, an approximately 18" square piece and a smaller card one plus some printed cards to use as notelets.  Honestly, if you ever visit Tiree, go to blue beyond!  Even if you're not naturally an art fanatic you'll be amazed at the skill.

Next was a trip to Tiree Glass.  I'd been once with Alan and the Tiree Tech Wave gang, so I knew that even though Mum wasn't a huge glass fan she'd like it, and she did.  The lady who usually does the work was off teaching a course and I made an oops thinking the lady who was shop-sitting was her, fortunately I was forgiven.  In all fairness, I'd knocked on the wrong door (their house is next to the studio) so I was a tad flustered.

The studio is lovely, high roof, big windows, lots of space to show off the pieces.  Mum purchased a little glass star.  Amsuingly, of the three things she purchased she was only sure of keeping one, turns out a relative of ours is having their 60th soonish so Mum is dithering over what to send.

Then we went off to Chocolates and Charms so Mum could get more choccies from there.  We'd visited when they came up back in May so that was on Mum's to-do list from the start.

Alas, Beachcomber had closed the day before so that was missed again.  But I did get to visit with Fiona and Jane, so I've seen it this year at least.

After all that adventure (Tiree tracks plus short car plus three bods = adventure) we took a turn at the Resource Centre.  It was home to the various weekly and more regular groups to meet without being charged a huge sum but the body renting it had to give it back today so all the groups had to up sticks.  Cue a fortnight of sorting and then yesterday's big sale.  Stuff the groups didn't really want to find storage for but thought someone may want. The parental units came away with some books they'd not tried, I came away with a latch hook kit (I've not finished the other one that size), a knitting machine that might do sock blanks for me, a scrabble deluxe (turntable and score-keeping racks) and some other little bits.

We then came back home, had some more chatting and napping, relaxed, and then headed out for dinner.

What a dinner!

My parents stayed at the Scarinish Hotel and I had reserved us a table for the evening.  I admit, I was nosey and popped up to see the room they were in, rather nice, full ensuite, nice crisp room, very nice resting spot.  The guests also have a lounge with bar, sea view terrace and entertainment for all ages.

The restaurant had a varied menu, largely fishy things but also pizza, pasta, all sorts really.  We had a variety of starters including mushroom tart, mackerel teriyaki, pate and soup.  Mains saw two pizzas, fish and chips and pasta and pudding was divine.  Two apple crumbles with a shared pot of cream and two raspberry and white choc cheesecakes.  Yes, I snaffled some of Jo's cheesecake, yes it was lovely.

After typing that I understand why I slept 22 hours, heh.

A fantastic end to the week and the month.  I've got some ideas buzzing around my head for September, and I will try to update this at least once a week.

Anyway, Dad bought me a new radio that can pick up more than BBC Alba and Radio 1 so I'm going to go read the manual for that and have a play.

Night night.

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