Tuesday 19 March 2013

Tiree Tech Wave 5

What a weekend!

Tech wave 5 is now over.  Folk have gone home or are headed that way and the island is back to its usual population count.

The weekend itself went wonderfully (at least; I think it did).  The weather was lovely for 4 of 5 days and only a little mizzly for the other.

 photo SunnyRainbow_zps70d518a0.jpg

 photo SunnyDay3_zps8b604c3c.jpg

Lots of folk were in and out.  Bicycles were hired; walks were done.  I believe many photos were taken.  There is even a Flickr group where all are invited to share their photos.

The daffodils were out in full force along the road too.  The ones in our garden are just considering blooming.

 photo Daffodillies_zps37d9374c.jpg

Due to the large number of folk, we took over the auction hall for the weekend as well as the rural centre.  Numbers in each varied; folks mingled a lot and many new contacts were made.  I think it was better than last TTW in that respect.  No one group sat and avoided contact.

 photo TeachyAuction_zpsed717584.jpg

 photo BusyTechies_zpsd0b1de35.jpg

 photo Day2Hall_zps1d883fe1.jpg

 photo Day2HallArvo_zpsd3def9ac.jpg

 photo Day3Morning_zpscec7a1d3.jpg

I might have enjoyed the "hot chocolate with everything" from the Cobbled Cow one morning.
 photo Techybrekky_zpsa0a7f5ff.jpg

Speaking of food.  I think it is safe to say that techies are hungry folk.  Trays of sarnies, cakes and snacks were laid out, but if you didn't get there in 10 minutes you had slim pickings:
 photo SpeedyLunch_zps3f829670.jpg
There was also a choice of two different soups that only lasted about 20 minutes before the pots were near empty.

Techies also rather enjoy their booze.  This is the recycling I brought home from one evening meal.
 photo GoodTime_zpsdcd17060.jpg

And this is the leftovers from the App Launch on Saturday evening:
 photo Booze_zpsa2870f9d.jpg

I am informed the launch went very well with a fairly even mix of techies and islanders.  Our very own Gromitty drew this fantastic poster of someone using their smartphone and being completely lost.
 photo GromitLost_zpsc73fc0f6.jpg

The touchtable is going well.  It was actually projecting things instead of being truly confused.
 photo TouchMap_zpseafdd0a4.jpg

 photo TouchtableMap_zpsd1521edf.jpg

 photo Alans_zpsb41994b1.jpg

One of the Cardiff bunch brought this contraption.  It's the makings of a 3D printer.  I'm not sure if he got any further with it though.
 photo 3DPrinter_zps9d67749a.jpg

So, that's the photos.  I think the island economy got a great boost even if we did all confuse the regulars at the Scarinish on Friday night by filling the bar before enjoying a wonderful dinner.

A good time had by all; plans set in motion and laughs galore.

The next wave is in October.  Keep an eye on the TTW website for booking details.  I imagine it will be around August time as Alan of the beard is off to walk the coastline of Wales next month for 3.5 months.

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