Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

Alright, I'm a day early; but this weekend's photo competition was "Spring" and what better than spring lambs?  This little gathering are actually 1 week+ old and were being moved off to new grazing so the owner could walk along without tripping over them ;)

 photo ManyLambies_zps4bb1b912.jpg

They were very laid back sheep with their lambs and I was kindly allowed to go closer and get some better shots.
 photo Lambies_zps34aae121.jpg

Alas, lambs are rather camera-shy.
 photo CameraShy_zps0dd445bb.jpg

Today is gloriously sunny but very cold.  The Easterly wind (think I got that right; it's coming from the East anyway  EDIT: sorry, SOUTHERLY wind.  Serves me right for not checking) is flippin' cold, but the views are worth wrapping up for.  Ben Hough was getting some sun on its lower slopes:
 photo SunnyHills_zpscdf62f70.jpg

Crossapol bay; almost looks good enough for a swim.
 photo SwimAnyone_zpsfb279463.jpg

 photo SwimAnyone2_zps2716571e.jpg

Across the sea to...erm...Mull! 
 photo SunnyIslands_zps6ed0d64f.jpg

My mental map of the island and where things are in relation to each other is improving; but where the island is in relation to that view, not so much.

Alan (he who plans to walk around Wales) has kindly loaned me an old iPhone to play about with the Tiree Mobile App.  I'm also doing my own bit for it, but that's a secret for now (mainly because I might make a right mess of it!)  But I can tell you that the coming months will hopefully see some photos from further afield!

Happy Easter weekend to all.  I need to go feed the dog before she tells me off for being late again.

Oh, and don't forget Brits; the clocks go forward tonight!  So 2 am will be skipped and go straight to 3am.  Jo's going to the dawn service tomorrow, what a rotten time to move the clocks.

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  1. Not really, because changing the clock doesn't change dawn. It just means the service is at 7 am rather than 6 am.