Tuesday, 12 June 2012


It's a bit hard to take a photo summarising a day when it's the same as the day before... This one pretty much sums up last week:
Madam cooking herself while I knit or read. I did fly to Glasgow on Thursday and back on Friday, but that's a post that I'm still writing.

So, let me feed your eyes...

Twelve backgrounds for the Tiree Day tapestry, panel one is being fully assembled this Saturday, I shall try and remember to take the camera.
Rainbow from last month
A little flowering plant in a drystone wall
A flock of sheep that stopped my parents and I when we were exploring in the car.
Madam trying to say hello to the ferrets. Fred is having a drink, Rumble showing his bum, Nushu downstairs.  And me reflected in that huge pane of glass against he back wall.

I've started a new diet, 20g of carbohydrates a day, as much protein as I like.  I'm still fathoming what's doable and what isn't. Once the weight starts coming off I can increase it to around 50g, then when I get down to near target I start adding until I level off.  I admit to missing cake and all the microwave meals but I am enjoying having enough meat to satisfy.

I hope the weather is good for all, alas it seems we've had too much sun up here and the crops might not do well.  Only time will tell.

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