Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013, 151, 135

Well, it's 2013.  I'm saving the year review for the end of January/start of February when we'll have been here a whole year.

151 and 135?

I've been working on a blanket.  It's made by knitting lots of little "hexipuffs", hexagonal puffs that are hollow, and then stuffing them with a little bit of stuffing and sewing them closed.  When I started each puff took about an hour, now they take about 30-40 minutes, depending if I make an oops.

151 puffs are now complete:


Total area now covered? 20x30 inches, or approximately 4.16 square feet. (20x30=600 12x12=144 600/144 = 4.16)

The 135 is my approximation on time taken.  Yep, 135 hours of knitting.  Here they are all laid out with a mug for comparison:


And, just to give you an idea on time, remember this shawl?
This is approximately 25-30 hours of knitting time.  In the time I've taken to knit 151 tiny little stuffed puffs I could have knit this (beads included!) between 5 and 6 times.

Anyway, back to knitting the other 200+ puffs required for a nice sized blanket...

Happy 2013!

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