Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Remember those cute, furry little uninvited guests?  Well, nearly 2 weeks ago I declared war.

Two snap traps and one night later: 2 ex-mice.

Then it went quiet for a week.

Two nights ago I noticed that the baking tray cupboard was gaining extra poop.  Moved 1 trap into that cupboard, 1 mouse that night.

What I wasn't expecting was the following evening.

I went to bed, heard the trap snap, found a mouse.  Dispatched it (alas, the trap caught it by the leg rather than the neck).  15 minutes later, another snap, another one needing to be killed.  And yet another while I was asleep.

4 mice in 24 hours?!

Surely that has to be all of them?  Surely 6 mice is all?

So I sit quietly in the living room, deciding if I want to watch a DVD or listen to music...

pitter patter, pitter patter

You have GOT to be kidding!

More lead boots in the loft!

I'm thinking I need to buy more traps.

Still, mice in the house is better than four directional damp in previous rents.

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  1. Oh dear! We had a load of mice last year because the dog scares away the cats so the mice get in!! We bought these glue trap things but it was terrible, they kept getting caught but then you have to kill them yourself - oh it was so traumatic. So then we got some proper traps but these mice were pretty crafty - somehow they were getting a good feed on the cheese without the trap going off - it happens every year when they plough the fields and the mice get unsettled!