Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Of cargo trikes and safety

I think I discovered today the maximum wind speed at which it is safe to operate an unladen cargo trike. I think it's around 40mph sustained wind speeds with 60mph gusts. This is based on cycling home into winds the metoffice puts at 46mph with 67mph gusts. Just a little on the far side of safe. I'd be fine if it was straight head winds, it's the cross component that is dangerous. Corners proved a little awkward and I had to lean into the wind (and use the camber of the road) to stay upright. It's pretty impressive when a gust can stop you dead and prevent you peddling.

We (obviously) still have power right now, just the odd flicker, but if it goes it could be out for a while, I'm told, as there are only two Scottish Hydro engineers on the island right now. I certainly don't envy them trying to effect any repairs in these conditions.

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