Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quiet week

The winter gales are attempting to blow and the weather is outright cold.  It's not dropped below 0'C that I've seen on my browser plugin but with these winds it's *felt* as low as -6'C.

Madam Doglet has Opinions (capital O required) on the wind going where it isn't welcome during her loo breaks:

Note: the Dogese for her opinions is rather too rude for public sharing.

The "Photo per week" group is going well.  Last week was "Light and dark".  I seriously struggled with this one and then, while using my light box, inspiration struck!  One glass dolphin with lucky penny and the light box and many, many photos later:
I took about ten photos before I was happy.

This week was "Transport".  I considered the trike or the island bus but actually, my main mode of transport, or most commonly used, is my feet.  So here we have my new "barefoot" shoes in the dog's harness.
I'm still adjusting to these, they're just thick enough to protect your feet from anything sharp and are made of wetsuit material, so your feet are actually warmer when wet.  They are most definitely NOT for long walks on roads.  On grass and sand though: bliss!

I've been busy crafting this week, I can't show you what on because it's my Dad's birthday present and he reads this blog.  You'll be able to see after the May bank holiday though.  Instead, I shall show you these short-fingered mitts I've knit:
They need a wash though, the wool is lovely, but a tad rough on my sensitive hands, a wash should see to that.  The yarn self-stripes; I *could* do my own stripes, but this was easier and worked out quite well on the short fingers too!

That's about it really.  Quiet week spent mainly at home and in bed.

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