Sunday, 26 May 2013

A feast for the eyes

Friday was gloriously sunny, still a fairly cold wind, but the sun was worth the walk.  It's also really low tide this weekend, so I got to explore rock pools that are usually inaccessible.

 photo SunnyFriday_zpsfb167b62.jpg

I was curious how different my clip-on sunglasses make the view, this is what they do:
 photo PolarisedFriday_zpsd5f5cb7a.jpg

 Crossapol beach looking huge. photo HelloMull_zps41be4562.jpg

  photo LotsaMiniBugs_zps1831739c.jpg

  photo BudsInBloom_zps7b764643.jpg

  photo BloominLovely_zpsbea0313a.jpg

 One large rock pool. photo GiantRockPool_zpsc407860a.jpg

 photo AnemoneFamily_zps8c203870.jpg

Pretty snails
 photo PrettySnail2_zps0ce9eb7a.jpg

 photo PrettySnail_zpsc246c7f2.jpg

 photo Anemone_zps43ab09e2.jpg

I've got no idea what made this big black mark.  I couldn't feel the edge when I ran my fingers over it, it's just blacker than the rock.
 photo BigBlackMark_zps0431b032.jpg

Lots of exposed rock.  The sound of drying barnacles is rather disconcerting.
 photo LotsaRock_zps0898eb67.jpg

A HUGE rock pool.  I saw quite a few shrimp in here, but none obliged the camera.
 photo BiggerRockPool_zps69570556.jpg

 photo Mussels_zpsc696638d.jpg

This is the top of a concrete post below the tideline.  I love the effect on the wood.
 photo SeadWood_zps3ca3b616.jpg

 photo LotsaRock2_zps1166a0cb.jpg

An outlet, I presume.
 photo OutletPoss_zpse5ac7d4a.jpg

I also took some video that day.

A hare down the road:

Walkers are a tad unusual on the island, so much so that should you happen to walk to An Talla from Crossapol, you get followed:

Finally, one I took last weekend.  It was warm but overcast so Jo and I went for a trot.  After a while, we chose to sit and watch the world go by, Madam was not impressed.

It's all words though, she's just complaining that she can't go and sniff that and that and that and this and ooooh!

I've had a quiet week this week, just getting bits and bobs done and finding it a tad strange being home alone for a whole week.  Well, nearly.  Jo was away on a physics-y thing from Monday to today so I had the house all to myself.  Doglet was alright with it, it was me that noticed it the most.

Anyhoo, not much else to report.  The sun is out again, I've started mowing the back "lawn" and finally drained the oil from the mower.  Note to self: warm oil is FAST, next time do it somewhere easier to wash off!

Still, laundry is almost up to date; lawns are starting to look like such; garage has had it's 6 monthly sweep; bath is clean (citric acid soaked loo roll is brilliant on limescale!) and we're all home and happy.


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