Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lovely day for a walk

It was indeed, although the wind did pick up occasionally.  I spent the morning doing laundry, knitting and relaxing.  In the afternoon Lovefibre and myself went for a walk.  3.1 miles along Gott Bay and back:

 photo GottWalk_zpsbb9e98cf.jpg
The batteries in the GPS finally admitted exhaustion about 12 minutes in but Google Earth lets me plot a route so I played connect the dots to find our distance

 photo GottBay_zps414b9bb2.jpg

 photo Gott2_zpsc4172bbf.jpg

 photo Gott3_zps055359b6.jpg
Not only were the skies amazing, the tide was out and this beach is HUGE!

 photo HoleyBeach_zps0fb8f3dc.jpg
It's also quite busy.  Lots of worm casts and mysterious holes.

 photo HolesCloseUp_zpsd2f84414.jpg
I did dig down a few cm at one hole, but found no resident.A little Googling later and I found out these are lug worm holes.  The worm breathes through the hole while forming the cast from the other end.

 photo WhatsitsCoverings_zps911788a7.jpg
Little tubes of sand, weed and tiny bits of shell and grit.  I feel I should know what made these, but I'm struggling to remember.  (Lovefibre found a fab marine worm site; these are Sand Mason homes)

 photo BusyWorms_zpsfc9df519.jpg
The beach was smooth, but the way the tide had gone out left these "waves" of colour in the sand.

 photo Gott4_zps76624302.jpg

 photo CrystalClear_zpsb7459df5.jpg
Crystal clear pools.

 photo CrabClaw_zpsd16170b0.jpg
Tiny shed crab claw.

 photo CrabShell_zpsdf15796a.jpg
Judging by the colour, I suspect this wasn't shed so much as broken into.

 photo WavyBeach_zps21af0be6.jpg
The water also left this criss-cross pattern in the sand.

 photo RockPoolsBarnacles_zpsf5017c9e.jpg
Big rock pool surrounded by barnacles (bit tough on the feet).

 photo FanWeed_zps46f5a336.jpg
Fan-shaped weed.

 photo Anememone_zpscc2b7a63.jpg
Anemone (or, as I like to call them; anenenenenmone)  I took about 7 photos of this critter, but the wind caused waves on the surface of the water so the camera tried to focus on those.  I might actually have to read the manual!

 photo WavyWeedStem_zps13fd890c.jpg
Another type of weed.  The same colour as tangle, but without the 'trunk'  Instead it has this wavy stem.

 photo WavyWeed_zps1e1dae5f.jpg
And looks like a very floppy palm tree.

According to an online friend this is  "Furbelows - Saccorhiza polysachides, and if you chew a bit it will taste sweetish."  Dunno if I want to try ;)

 photo BusySnail_zps43c42ff5.jpg
This poor little snail got confused.

 photo PerhapsWeed_zps2af04b65.jpg
I'm not sure what this was.  I wanted to say weed, but I think perhaps a form of coral?

 photo CrabClaw2_zps5859852f.jpg
A much larger crab claw.  Quite possibly lost in battle.

 photo PrettySnailShell_zps95930d1f.jpg
A very pretty snail shell

 photo HoleBranches2_zpse3d8a9b4.jpg

 photo HoleBranches_zpse0367ddd.jpg
Those holes in the sand.  These two had weird 'branches' coming out; we suspect due to water movement.

 photo BeachTracks_zps1de3706f.jpg
I'm not sure how clear this is; the colours of sand made a kind of, tangle of tracks.

 photo SandWaves_zps227bb3fe.jpg
Colourful sand 'waves'

 photo Gott5_zps2399292a.jpg

 photo ToScarinish_zps8f44c218.jpg
Gorgeous views from the Brock end.

 photo WhatsitEggs_zps871434d2.jpg
I have no idea.  Eggs of some sort perhaps. (EDIT: whelk egg casings)

 photo PinkSand_zps1b9320f8.jpg
This pink...something, was in a stream.  I know there's a type of bacteria that can get into the water system and turn sinks pink (completely harmless!), so perhaps it was growing in the sand?

 photo PrecariousBag_zpsefa50d1b.jpg
A very precariously balanced bin bag full of something.

 photo BrokenEgg_zpsc72ea726.jpg
Herring gull egg methinks.

 photo ArtyGulls_zpsd893a854.jpg

 photo ArtyGulls2_zps3985fffb.jpg
I honestly giggled when I saw this.  A combination of weed, sand and bird poop.  Completely random events lead to the human eye being able to see a face.

 photo AccidentalSky_zps1050f804.jpg
I walked a lot of the time with the camera on; apparently I managed to press the shutter button while it was pointing skywards.  Quite the unintentionally arty shot.

 photo DryingFleece_zps8675bd36.jpg
Oh yes, I also washed my one remaining fleece.  Courtesy of Angus the bus driver.  It had spent the winter in this bag hanging in the garage to avoid being mothed.  Finally the weather was right and I was willing to faff.  Three soaks and a LOT of dirty water later I had a mesh bag of wet fleece.  I hung it on the line and even after four hours it was still dripping.  It's now on a towel on top of the chest freezer ready to finish drying tomorrow (weather permitting!)

 photo SleepyCalf_zps93e706ad.jpg

 photo SleepyCalves_zps0639c5a4.jpg

 photo GerrupCalves_zps2777c313.jpg

Sleepy calves.  They've spent the day between basking, snoozing and feeding; bliss!

That was today.  Yep, all those photos in one day. Photo/video count on the new camera is up to 361 and the first set of batteries are nearly exhausted.  Really need to buy more Hybrio's!  The camera uses four; the GPS uses four; the Wii Fit board wants four and all three items are going to have to somehow share if I don't order more soon.

Anyway, evening is here, I'm going to go read and then go to bed.


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