Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Busy weekend

That may well class as an understatement.  Considering the weather was murky with roaming showers and outright rain it was a very busy time.

The 10k and the new half-marathon were run/walked.  The island's population increased by about 20% and my parents came to visit.  Oh, and I replaced the element in the fan oven.

I got two early birthday pressies.  One was a new, very snazzy camera and the other was a gorgeous mixed media piece from Blue Beyond.

So, this is the camera that's been taking photos to date.  It's a Kodak Z650 and has done sterling service.  This is now to be Jo's camera.
 photo OldKodak_zps64de4953.jpg

And this beast is my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix L810.  I'm still working it all out and it does seem to make fuzzy photos at the moment, think I'm not doing something quite right.

 photo NewCamera_zpseb4f65c1.jpg

This is my new picture, a gorgeous scene of a house on the coast.  The waves and land are pieces of fabric and the sky is painted on.  It took me a looooong time to decide which piece I wanted, so many were gorgeous!
 photo 30thPressie_zps9245e1ad.jpg

Ah, the oven.  This is inside the back of our oven.  I had to take a photo to make darn certain I put the connectors back on the right prongs.  On Thursday Jo went to cook some hash browns and noticed they weren't cooked after a good 15 minutes in the oven.  A little "if that were broken, this wouldn't work" thinking later and we came to the conclusion it was very likely the element.  After checking the warranty, we discovered it was past that so I took the fan cover off and the back off and did a continuity check on the element.  Broken.  Jo ordered a new element and when that arrived on Saturday I disappeared for an hour to put it in.  Not only does it work, but the oven is quieter.

 photo OvenBack_zpsda750bc5.jpg

Saturday evening we went to Ceabhar.  They have these fantastic little lighthouse lamps that I adore and fantastic food too!
 photo Ceabhar1_zps177da078.jpg

 photo CeabharLighthouse_zpse2ece514.jpg

There were sheep and lambs next to the restaurant, the lambs entertained us with their antics, including one snacking a cobweb and then pulling funny faces.
 photo CeabharLambs_zps2f5efb24.jpg

 photo LabsCeabhar_zpsdc65e5b9.jpg

Sunday started drizzly and meh (technical term!).  I spent the morning baking and spotted this cheeky calf.  It went from having one leg and its head through the fence to just going through the fence for a good munch in the field.
 photo EscapedCalf_zps5239ab0a.jpg

It also spooked some hares that ran around a bit:
 photo Hares_zps9a721fba.jpg

Sunday afternoon we went to Beinn Hough, the shorter of the two beinns.  There's a road up the side, so off we trotted.
 photo SteepHough_zps8cceaf34.jpg

Nearly halfway up we could see this cow and calves.  I decided to test the new camera's 26x zoom.
 photo CalfTrio_zps5f730aba.jpg

Five calves and a cow!
 photo ManyCalves_zpsec5566eb.jpg

The views were fantastic, even though it was murky and drizzly.
 photo HalfwayUp_zpsc8907585.jpg

I like this creative use of zip-ties to repair the fence:
 photo FenceRepair_zps0a4e342c.jpg

 photo TopView_zps0dc1b551.jpg

 photo TopView2_zps5b1242c7.jpg

 photo TopView3_zpsc1e3c90d.jpg

 photo TopView4_zps9846ebbc.jpg

Madam enjoyed the walk, but not so much the standing around taking photos.  Her jumper did keep her warm though.
 photo GrumpyDoglet_zps431e4c38.jpg

 photo MyView_zps5de546b2.jpg

 photo MyView2_zps7bf03cb0.jpg

 photo MyView3_zpsd9e271db.jpg

There's a lot of plant life up on the hill.
 photo Moss_zps5c7ec632.jpg

 photo Lichen_zps3419a18f.jpg

Probably (Ramalina siliquosa)
 photo Straggly_zpsa207d7b6.jpg

Probably Lecanora atra
 photo Lichen2_zps724f133b.jpg

A small purple flower in the moss: (butterwort - a carnivorous plant that enjoys eating insects)
 photo PurpleMoss_zps7bc1bf56.jpg

More lichen: possible lichina pygmaea
 photo Lichen3_zps8ccb75af.jpg

 photo Pansies_zps99b2b452.jpg

Some fuzzy spiky plant:
 photo FuzzySpinky_zpseabbd800.jpg

(I'm not a botanist, they're plants to me)

So, that was the weekend.  I'm already on 177 photos on the new camera and  the Kodak racked up an impressive 6431 between Jo and myself.

I made felt today, but that's for another post.  The one where I reveal Dad's present and the progress shots!


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